*** Why working on your sexuality is not a luxury – but a necessity ***

*** Why working on your sexuality is not a luxury – but a necessity ***

I hear it over and over again from people of all ages and genders.

The idea that working on our sexual potential feels like a luxury and not really like a necessity.

That we have to focus on our family life, our career, our education, our communication, our friendships, our health, our personality and all the other things first.

And only when we have all our ducks in a row in all the other aspects of our life – then – maybe – we have time and energy to work on our sexuality.

Sorry not sorry to say:


Here is why:

1. Sexuality is WAY MORE than a body thing

The Tantric tradition teaches us that sexual energy is equivalent to life force energy.

Have you ever experienced that a little harmless flirt was uplifting your entire day?

Have you ever experienced that a sweet compliment was empowering you to new highs or that a sexy text from your lover was motivating and inspiring you at work or at the gym?

Have you ever experienced that you had immense energy after real good sex in the morning or during the day?

Have you ever experienced that you are on top of the world and able to do everything you want when you were freshly in love?

This is the power of your life force energy which gets stimulated through sexuality.

Sexuality can empower and uplevel your performance in all other aspects of your life and inspire and motivate you to new highs!

2. Sexuality lays at the root of our lack of self-esteem

All children are very aware of their sexual nature and play with their genitals even when they are still in the womb!

You don´t have to teach a child how to flirt – it is so very natural to them even before they can speak!

They do it innocently until their environment starts shaming these innocent explorations of flirting and self-pleasure.

This is the root of shame in our psyche and shame is one of the greatest inhibitors of our natural self-esteem.

The next dip in our self-esteem we experience when we get rejected in our sexual interest towards the opposite (or same) sex.

No further explanation needed here – we have all been there…

All this shame, guilt and fear around our sexuality and our natural erotic self expression dimmed the light of our original essence.

3. When we find back into pleasure we find back to our original essence

Our original essence is what we have been before all the shit in our life started to happen.

Fear, shame, guilt and trauma began to cover up the light we have been naturally born with.

Rediscovering our innocent sexual and sensual pleasure helps us to dis-cover the light of our original essence so we can start shining and radiating as we are meant to.

4. Our sexuality is the most direct gateway to God

Religion got it all wrong – seriously…

And you know what? They did it on purpose. I am absolutely convinced.

They KNEW of the strong force that sexuality is and so they suppressed it and shamed it to dim this life force energy within us so we obey better.

This is not conspiracy theory – this is very logical psychological exploration of people who want to examine how to best create obedient followers…

The truth is that sexuality, when lived in the right way, with love, respect, reverence and surrender, is the most direct gateway to heaven.

Whoever experienced the spiritual potential of a mind-blowing orgasm or sexual encounter – the mystical and psychedelic-like states sexuality can create within us – knows what I am talking about.

And who did not yet should even more strive to create such an experience for themselves and/or their partner.

Are you still convinced that working on your sexuality should be put off until you have all the other things in your life straight?

I advocate for putting working on your sexuality first!

When you approach life from a place of increased ecstasy and pleasure working on all the other aspects is so much more fun and goes so much more fluent.

Living a Tantric life is exactly about that – using the Tantric teachings to positively influence all aspects of your life.

All Love
Lucya Lalita


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