*** Why is “Tapping into an empowered Identity” the first Module of my Tantra Essentials Online Course? ***

**** Why is “Tapping into an empowered Identity” the first Module of my Tantra Essentials Online Course? ****

in 2015 I organized Meditation and Womens Circles, mantra singing and cuddle parties in my living room in Cologne, Germany.

Even though they were amazing and people loved it I always feared that people will dislike me.

I feared this because to be disliked was my childhood experience ever since I can think.

The painful experience of the past still stuck as Trauma in my system.

Am I living out an empowered or a disempowered Identity in this example?

I organized these amazing meetings and at the same time I feared to be disliked and not belong to my own meetings.

As you see – Identity It is not always black and white!

We all have different empowered aspects – things we are good at and carry confidence around – and disempowered aspects – things we fear or feel other unpleasant emotions around – in our identity.

Identity is always at play when you say or think a certain way about yourself.

I had both the empowered Identity (being a manifestor and organizer of cool meetings) and the disempowered Identity (being someone who is not likable)

And here are the good news: Even though most people believe otherwise: Our identity is not carved in stone!

It is just our programming and conditioning from the past that we project into the now.

This first Module it is all about finding an empowered Identity within through connecting with a “figure”.

A figure can be a God or a Goddess, a Quality, an Archetype or anything else that you would like to embody the qualities of.

In the Tantric teaching everything carries consciousness – means every form carries a specific energy signature.

Shiva carries a different signature than the sun. And with this signature we can connect and we can invite it into our consciousness.

We all know how it feels to be happy or excited or safe or contented.

Because we know that how it feels we can tap into the energy signature of these feelings.

But how do we tap into something we don´t know how it feels?

I don´t know how it feels to be Shiva or the sun but I do attach a certain feeling to thinking about how it might feel. And to feel more like this is desirable for me.

As Shiva i would feel grounded, expansive and all encompassing… As the sun i would feel fiery, hot and passionate.

The feelings we attach to a certain figure may differ from person to person but they are always connected to how we interpret the figure.

Everything carries consciousness means also: Everything is alive and can be communicated with.

Another Tantric principle next to “Everything carries consciousness” and “Everything is alive” is “Everything is divine”

Sex, food, money, war, hunger, life, death – everything ultimately comes from the same one source.

Tantra is a non-dual spiritual tradition like for example Advaita Vedanta and most of the Buddhist traditions.

Non-dual means that there ultimately is no good or bad. No contradictions. Unity consciousness is the norm and everything that is separation and duality is a temporary worldly delusion.

It is a gradual process to embrace this concept so don´t worry if you can´t agree right away. It took me years to embrace it to the level I embody now – and still I am not there 100% of the time.

For now it is only important to know about the concept of “Everything is divine”.

Because this means inevitably that we are all divine as well. And not only we but EVERYBODY!

But for now – let’s start with ourselves.

Because the more we embrace our own divinity we can see the divinity in others!

Transfiguration is the name of the practice to see divinity in worldly things ourselves and other people. In literally everything.

You realize the word figure is part of this concept.

So transfiguration means also to align my consciousness with another divine consciousness.

I embody and become this figure.

To do this we simply use our imagination.

We Imagine how it would feel like to be the sun and we let this experience become as real in our body and in our imagination as possible!

We imagine a scene of our life where we live as the figure and we look around us. What do we see, hear, taste, touch and smell that let´s us know that we live our life as this figure?

Whoever looked into the universal law of attraction knows that feeling our desires as already fulfilled is THE biggest key to Manifestation.

You could also say you practice coming into vibrational alignment with the Idea of living your life as this empowered identity.

To connect to our desired state of being as often as possible is crucial to make them a lived reality because we need to override existing neuronal pathways and conditioning.

We use Tantric principles, our imagination and our emotional and imaginative reality to live our life the way we want instead of from the experience of our past!

That is why “Tapping into your empowered Identity” is the first essential lesson of my Tantra Essentials Online Course!

More Info to the course you can find here

All Love
Lucya Lalita


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