*** Why bother about learning The Art of Tantra as a woman? ***

*** Why bother about learning The Art of Tantra as a woman? ***

I could tell you A LOT why it is important for every human being on this planet to start learning and experiencing Tantra in their own mind and body.

One of the things you will hear me say about Tantra over and over again is “Tantra is not just about Sex” .

Yes, Sex is an AMAZING part of life – but great sex alone does not safe your happiness!

What safes you happiness in your life is to become an integrated, full spectrum woman!

And this means

  • to know and to understand yourself and your patterns
  • to be able to handle yourself under all circumstances
  • to love and embrace ALL of your emotions and ALL of what it means to be a human being in this day and age
  • to bring the sacred back into the sexy
  • to find pleasure in the mundane and the exquisite
  • to know how to clearly and lovingly communicate to yourself and others
  • to stand your ground and set clear boundaries
  • to be in your body and feel what your body needs moment to moment
  • to flow with life

Especially as a woman it is inevitable to be embodied to get into the flow of lif.

In my upcoming free E-Book “The Xtatic Manifesto – The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Tantra” I go deep into the different aspects that Tantra consists of and come to the conclusion


It is the Art of falling in love with

  • your body
  • your femininity
  • your ever-present original essence (instead of your flawed personality that is not carved in stone and can be
  • changed because its just what your conditioning made out of you)
  • your sensuality
  • your sexuality
  • and your pleasure

PLEASURE can be found in EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE if you know how to access it. And accessing it is easier then you might think now.

It is not so much a matter of following complicated hour long rituals and techniques but of committing to stupid simple techniques and building these new neuronal pathways to pleasure.

Techniques like

  • knowing how to breath correctly
  • knowing that your sexual energy equals your life force energy and knowing how to up and play with these energies
  • knowing how to switch your focus to your 5 build- in world wonders (your senses)
  • and knowing how to non-violently communicate with yourself and the parts of you that are in resistance, fear, anger or other unpleasant emotions

My free E-Book will be available soon via this website.

To give you an impression of what a journey can change in your life I let one of my clients share about her experience with my Tantra Coaching:

Stacy took 4 sessions with me during my process of graduation and experienced profound insights and transformations on her healing journey.


“Wow! The work that Lucya did with me was truly transformational.

I have so far done four coaching sessions with her.

Each session was uniquely powerful and surprisingly different.

My experiences with Lucya took me into places that I needed to go, but previously didn’t know how to access or navigate once I was there. After these sessions I felt like I had opened more within myself than I had in years and years and was able to positively incorporate these pieces of myself that had been neglected yet carried with me for so long.

It accelerated my healing journey and has allowed me to know and love and be myself more fully.

Lucya has a huge container for holding safe space. I felt completely comfortable sharing things I had never shared honestly with even myself. She has a depth of personal experience and practice that I trust and can feel in the way she held compassion and non-judgement.

Her intuition speaks multitudes. I highly recommend taking the journey with this amazing being and light worker.”



You can check out the details here

I offer one free session upfront so we can get clear on what your desires are regarding this journey and feel into each other and if we want to work together on your transformation.

This session is completely non-pressure and will definitely offer you some great insights and values even if you decide not to go on the journey with me.

I am looking forward to our free exploratory session and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out anytime here

All Love
Lucya Lalita


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