*** Why “Activating your Energy Body” is the 2nd Module of my Tantra Essentials Online Couse ***

*** Why “Activating your Energy Body” is the 2nd Module of my Tantra Essentials Online Course ***

This sharing is all about energy orgasms, full body orgasms, lasting as long as you want, 5 hour long sexual sessions and re-evaluating the body.

One of the main principles of Tantra and the reasons Tantra is so widely misunderstood is that SEXUAL ENERGY = LIFE FORCE ENERGY.

Tantra works with the sexual energy as the rawest form of life force energy and distributes it through the higher frequency centers of the body.

The western mind hears “sexual energy” or “using your sexuality” and simplifies the whole thing to “something with sex”.

You always hear me say “Tantra is more than sex even though sex is important.”

I like to compare Tantra to a forest in which sexuality is one big, magnificent oak tree – but still just one tree in the whole forest of Tantra.

Knowing this it starts to make sense that when we want to start engaging with Tantra we need to start seeing our body as more than this flesh suit we are carrying around.

In Tantra, as said in the last share, EVERYTHING is sacred!

Our body is referred to as our Temple and our genitals are in the old Indian Sanskrit language referred to as the sacred garden (Sanskrit: Yoni = Vagina) and the sacred pillar (Sanskrit: Lingam = Penis).

Our body is made out of way more components than just bones, flesh, blood and all the other biological components that we usually refer to as “The Body”.

The Chakras, nowadays widely used throughout all kinds of spiritual traditions and in modern spirituality, are a originally from the Tantric tradition. Did you know that?

Everybody knows about the Chakras but only very few people know that they are dealing with something from the Tantric tradition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism, which is the Chinese version of Tantra, if you so will, uses the Nadis, energy lines and channels that run through our bodies, and the acupuncture points, vocal points of energy along these lines.

As well they use the the 3 Dantien, genitals/lower belly, heart and brain/third eye, which are the 3 chambers of life force energy according to the Daoist tradition.

Most people think that they are just there. That they exist like our blood and our bones do.

And even though we do all have the potential of these centers, we need to ACTIVATE them to make use of their full capacity.

Otherwise they are there in their potentiality but kinda asleep and useless for our spiritual and sexual practice.

If we activate these centers, lines and channels we can use them to circulate the raw, sexual form of life force energy through our bodies and refine it.

So instead of loosing this precious life force energy through the classical form of clitoral or ejaculatory orgasms we can cultivate it and raise our level of life force energy to use it throughout our day, for manifestation rituals, spiritual development and various other kinds of pleasurable and useful activities.

One very pleasant side effect of activating and using the energy body are the various forms of energetic, full body orgasms our body is capable of experience.

To describe these is like describing colors to a blind.

With the small but important difference that through practice everybody is capable to see these new and vibrant colors!

For now just try to imagine that your orgasm is not focused on one small point in the body but spread out over your whole body.

Every single cell is vibrating with orgasmic energy and your body starts shaking in uncontrollable cataclysmic rushes of bliss.

As well imagine this energy does not leave your body in a singular explosion but stays with you so you can stretch out your orgasm as long as you want.

Plus you neither feel depleted nor tired afterwards but energized and filled with peaceful bliss at the same time.

When I started with Tantra I was so fascinated with this new form of experiencing orgasms that I refused to physically come for about a year.

That being said I want to explicitly mention that I am NOT saying you should never ever come physically any more at all!

I learned over time to draw the energy up even in moments of physical explosion.

I really feel that a physical orgasm can be something incredibly wonderful and enlightening IF you use the time before to build up sexual energy so that you do not just experience this little “genital sneeze” but a soul shaking explosion of full body bliss!

HEADS UP, MEN: All of this helps you to last as long as you want AND to become multi-orgasmic just like us girls!

How it works to build up sexual energy is part of Module 3 of the Tantra Essentials Online Course and I will write about that In the next days.

If you are curious now about how all of this works and most of all FEELS I invite you to join the next round of my Tantra Essentials Online Course!

You can find more infos to the course here

All Love
Lucya Lalita


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