*** What does it mean to live a soul aligned life? ***

**** What does it mean to live a soul aligned life? ****


Although the details to this question everybody has to answer for themselves there are general indicators for living a soul aligned life.

  • Do you follow your highest excitement?
  • Are you so in tune with your soul and its language, called intuition, that you follow it no matter what?
  • Do you trust that making your life choices based on your true desires will always lead you to your next highest excitement?
  • Do you have the discernment to see when a desire is a true soul desire and when it is just a flickering of the mind?
  • Do you make your decision based on love or fear?
  • Do you have the discernment to see when it is love and when it is fear, guilt, shame, attachment, egoism or any other lower vibrational feeling?
  • Do you have the discernment to see when it is egoism and when it is self love?
  • Do you live your life for others or for your own inner purpose?
  • Is your action in alignment with your north star and serves your highest vision – either directly or indirectly?
  • Do you know your north star and your value systems and if so do you act accordingly to the best of your ability in any given moment?

If you can answer all or most of them with yes or often or “I do my fucking best, so stop distracting me, leave me alone and go do your own work” you are well on your way!

These days I am facing one of the most difficult decisions in my entire life on this planet.

I feel like a part of a simulation of Sims (this computer game where you play the life of people) and I can watch myself with fascination and curiosity about what decision I will make.
The part of me who makes up my fraction of the soul that I am is not quite as excited.

It´s a fucking damn hard decision…

I am taking a deep breath and a puff of my vaporizer.
Even harder than the decision to ditch my business and go to Peru for an intense period of medicine work…

It is influencing not only my life but the life of my tribe – maybe even to a far greater extend…

And of course there is the view of other people on me.
Will it change their perspective of me as a trustworthy and truly aligned person?
Will it make me appear less serious about all the things I ever stated I will do?
I know that what other people think shouldn´t be worthy of taking it into consideration but I can´t help it right now… It´s just there…

In these days I am VERY happy to have the indicators for living a soul aligned life.

They help me to sit with my options and feel into every single one of these questions.
Feel into them.

A little bit as well think about them – but mostly feel into them.

With which decision do I follow my highest excitement?
Do I make this decision based on fear or on love?
Do I act according to my north star and my value system and its oder?
And so on and so forth…

I answer every single question positive towards one of the options. And still my mind bothers me.

Thinks, ruminates, weighs up against each other, analyzes.
I feel into the gravity of my yeses towards the one side of the decision. I feel how it is grounding me.
Do I focus on my head or my heart?

My head goes rampant and crazy – my heart is in this peaceful state of knowing.

By writing this the mind jumps in, asking: “Seriously???! This decision is CRAZY, man!!! Have you fucking lost your panties?!”
“Not that I would wear them often” I reply, slightly nervous…

As much as I want to scream it from the fucking rooftops to all of you… I can´t. Not yet.

It´s too early – too crazy – too new – too much to believe – even for myself at this point…
Living a soul aligned life means receiving messages, information and inspiration from your soul.
Listening and following.

Some call it inner guidance. Some call it higher self. I call it spirit. And spirit wants me here.

Spirit wants me here on this planet.
Spirit wants me to do what I came here for… All of it!
Spirit receives your generalized desire and you create a tangible vision out of the inspiration that flows back to you.

If you follow your highest excitement enough – by living a soul aligned life – spirit comes and gives you the fulfillment of your desires in a way so much more on point than you could have ever imagined…

Taking into account all the different smaller and higher excitements and writing a piece of art from your desires.
And still – it serves the greater vision…

The greater vision is not gone – just pushed back a little – or a lot.

Depends from which perspective we are looking…
And I tend to have a very impatient perspective.
I like to go through doors that open for me. It always brought me closer to who I am – even if the peek behind the door did reveal nothing but silhouettes and shades.

I like to go through doors that open for me because I know they are opening just for me.

I personally installed them there and programmed them to open when I pass.
Before I came here into this body I planted my visions and missions and highest teachings into my heart – and they show as excitement.


Excitement so strong I can´t and don´t need sleep.

Divine inspiration.
I love you – and I am sorry to not be able to reveal what this cryptic text is really about.
But I will in a few days – or weeks…


Yes – it really is that big… And yet it is already taken – I just have to deal with it now…

All Love
Lucya Lalita

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