*** We´ve got this goal setting thing all wrong! ***

*** We´ve got this goal setting thing all wrong! ***

Oh my! We are so trained in our modern world to set these OUTSIDE GOALS – career goals, relationship goals, money goals, daily goals, weekly goals, 1 year goals, 5 year goals, 10 year goals…

But how often do we set FEELING GOALS?

Do we ever include how we want to FEEL while doing the things we do and having the (outside) goals we desire?

Here is how my goal setting including my feeling goals looks like.

I give myself full permission to live my life with full focus on my feeling goals!

Enjoy sharing this day of my life with me and focus on feeling the ease and grounding that emerges from these goals instead of the overwhelm that screams “get to work you lazy ass” from our to do lists…

“I am feeling at ease when I wake up in the morning.

I am feeling grateful for this new day. I am feeling grounded and stable within myself. I am feeling love – an unpersonalized love for the whole of existence.

I am feeling whole and complete. I am feeling grateful for all that I am already having.

I am breathing in. I am breathing out. I am greeting my Chakras. I am greeting Shiva and Shakti within me. I am sitting and smiling at the universe.

I know that life is good to me because I am good to life.

I am reviewing my day. I know what I have to do to move forward. One step at a time.

I am sharing something of value with my community. I am finding pleasure and grace in sharing my heart.

I am going to Yoga. I enjoy training my body and my mind.

I am going back home to prepare my inner and my outer space to welcome a client. I am asking my inner guides for assistance. I let go of any outcome. I allow myself to give up control and to just connect.

I know that my presence is healing. I simply allow to come out what wants to come out. I know that I can handle it.

I trust myself. I feel capable.

I receive the energy exchange from my client with ease and gratitude.

I eat something light. I relax. I sit by the lake and watch the waves. My heart is glowing.

I am enough.

I see a friend walking by. I look around and see only friends. I send them love

I know that I belong.

I drink water. I am feeling at ease.

I am going to my workshop space to prepare my circle.

I pray for guidance. I receive guidance.

I free myself from any attachment to outcome.

I trust. I encourage vulnerability by being vulnerable.

I feel nourished by my circle. I go home gently glowing.

I receive a new client inquiry. I connect to the soul of this person to feel if working together is in highest alignment for the both of us.

I receive a yes.

We are having our first connection call. We feel fully comfortable with each other. We connect deeply.

We agree to start our first session in two days.

I am preparing some healthy yummies for dinner. I know what my body wants. What my body and my soul want to eat is in alignment.

I am cuddling with my cats.

I play some mantras in the background.

I am emptying my mind from the day.

I connect to my womb.

I am breathing in. I am breathing out.

My heart is full.

I drift off into a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.”

Wanna try it for yourself? It was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time!

A huge shout out to my beautiful coach Moira KC for guiding me with her gorgeous Momma energy deeper into what I REALLY want. Thank you, my love, for showing me the beauty of my own work I do with others by giving me full permission to receive and be safely guided by you.

If you desire assistance in finding out what you really really want to feel like – I am happy to make space for you in my day to hop on one of these connection calls…

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Lucya Lalita


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