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Curriculum Vitae

My most important steps of my personal and professional development journey

→ 2008-2011 Studying Psychology, Sociology and Educational Theory at the University of Cologne

→ 2011-2012 Studying Non-medical Practitioner of Psychotherapy at the Paracelsus School of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

→ 2012/2013 Studying Energy Healing (Reiki Level 1+2 with Petra Pick  and White Time Healing Level 1-3 with Angelina Philips)

→ 2012-2013 Studying Social Work at the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne

→ 2013-2015 Studying Tantra in numerous Courses and Workshops all over Germany and working as a Tantric Massage Therapist as well as giving Initiations into Sacred Sexuality as a Dakini in Hamburg

→ 2014-2015 Studying Souling – a both Psychological and Spiritual Therapy Approach invented by
my honored Teacher and Therapist Martin Siems – in Hamburg

→ 2015 Moving back to Cologne and leading Meditation and Women Circles as well as other purposeful get togethers in my own “Center of Celebrating Life”

→ 2016/2017 Developing my Shamanic Body&Energy Healing Approach during my journey through Southern Europe

→ 2018 Working as a Cuddles and Touch Therapist in my own practice in Berlin

→ 2017-2019 Studying Embodied Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching (with Tantra, Breathwork and Men´s Sexuality as my Specializations) at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with my honored teacher Layla Martin (now the VITA Coaching Method)

→ 2019 Studying Psychic Surgery and Cacao Ceremony Facilitation with my honored teacher Keith Wilson in Guatemala

→ 2019 Studying The Sacred Depth Coaching Methodology with my honored teacher Joanna Lindenbaum

→ 2021 Studying Trauma-focused Neurointegrative Therapy with my honored teacher Verena König

→ 2020-2022 Co-creating an intentional community based around psychospiritual processing work in Cologne

These formal trainings are accompanied by thousands of hours of personal work, meditations, practices and working professionally with hundreds of people of all kind as well as complemented by numerous smaller workshops and trainings in different areas of spirituality, personal development and other interesting things. Not to mention the about 150 books I read on these topics.

They say it takes 10.000 hours to master any skill. I haven ́t counted the hours but I think I am at least close…