*** Uping the game of love ***

**** Uping the game of love ****


Just a very short note today but I really really wanted to share this with you!

My dear friend Steve Spooner inspired me to think about how I would up the game of love.

He is giving away 10$ to the first 10 people who tell him how they would radically share more love to other human beings as they ever have in exchange for this $10.

I felt inspired and here is my answer:

OMFGoddess you/this are/is amazing!!!

How I would up the game of love and contribution is by making 1 compliment/celebration towards a person/stranger for every cent of this 10$.

It is like planting a tree for donation but instead of a tree I desire to plant the seed of celebration / self-love and self-confidence in as many as possible!

Writing this inspired from Guatemala where I arrived safely today after a wonky start of the travel.

Life is amazing!

Thank you Steve for inspiring me to share even more love!

Thank you universe for the magic of traveling you provide me so freely with!

Thank you myself for being brave enough to go and trust and turn problems into chances instantly!

Love love love – infinite gratitude!

Lucya Lalita



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