*** Travel update Guatemala – finally at the lake! ***

**** Travel update Guatemala – finally at the lake! ****


I made it to the lake!!!! 

Fucking finally! *YaaaaaY* San Marcos la Laguna for 3 months! Time to center, ground, expand, make new friends and grow.

I arrived here today after an unintended stay at that Israeli hostel in Antigua I wrote about in the last travel update.

I arrived really really excited.

I spent the boat ride from Panajachel to San Marcos staring openmouthedly at the beauty of the surrounding green volcano hills with the most amazing buildings painted into the landscape.

thinking “How can a place just be THAT beautiful? ” over and over again.

And I arrived as well really, really exhausted – no sleep because of the amazing techno party at an abandoned outdoor swimming pool (the reason why I stayed even longer in Antigua besides the cool Israeli people).

Staying at that hostel really taught me a lot.

Both about the Israeli culture…

for example everyone has to go to the army – women as well – and everyone does an after army travel tour.

Or that they really love to play Backgammon.

Plus the Friday communal dinner was one of a kind

And also about anchoring into my own self…

When you are almost constantly surrounded by Hebrew speaking people and travel alone for the first time so you are not having friends or partners around to bond with you are forced to anchor into yourself which is a teaching I definitely need more of.

I am immensely grateful for having been stranded there with beautiful people.

I will for sure go to Tel Aviv one day!

But San Marcos is the place my soul was longing for all of this year. So I am even more excited and grateful in advance for all the teachings that this place has in store for me!

San Marcos is a spiritual hotspot with all sorts of yoga and retreat centers as well as permaculture farms and intentional communities and it is the place where I got my ceremonial cacao for our ceremonies from.

The main idea early this year was to go and visit the cacao trees to see how the process works from plant to package and learning how to even better facilitate cacao ceremonies.

But because of all the amazing tools and techniques I learned over the course of this year I feel absolutely called to teach a few classes here as well.

I reached out to a newly opened space and they showed interest in my offerings – so let’s see what unfolds from this…

The owner of the guesthouse I am staying at welcomed me very very nicely with a temporary free upgrade, great pasta, a few joints and very fascinating life stories of all sorts.

Totally looking forward to more of them!

It is so inspiring what magical things happen when you follow your inner callings unabashedly and take the leap of faith out of society!

Plus we are having 2 kittens here who just opened their eyes – what more can I ask for really?!

I am looking forward to a deep dive into the energy of this place and my own energy.

Developing supporting self care routines, facing new challenges, overcoming some old fears and stories, grounding and centering myself, meeting a lot of fascinating people, learning a lot from other teachers, teach a lot to whomever is interested, share some love and celebrations – Okay, a lot of love and celebration – and meeting my love tribe here in January!

Together we thrive – so please share a celebration with me under this post.

All Love

Lucya Lalita


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