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Touch Therapy – The Healing Power of Comforting Touch

We are living in a world that has lost their innermost sense of security and comfort.

Our lifestyle is one of separation, stress, restlessness, unease and constant agitation.

This lifestyle leads to all kinds of symptoms like Depression, Anxiety, Addictions and overactive nervous systems.

A lot of people try to counteract these symptoms with Meditation, Yoga and other stress reducing methods.

But all too often they complain about having trouble actually reaching a state where these methods can truly unfold their healing powers.

During my studies of the human psyche and its healthy development I stumbled over a simple yet incredibly influencing fact:

Our society is missing comfort, security and most of all touch.

Touch Therapy helps you to reach a deep meditative state of relaxation, security and comfort.

Simply rest in my embrace and receive the same comfort and security a baby receives in its mothers arms.

Research has shown that being held and non-sexually touched releases a huge amount of Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for counteracting the stress hormone cortisol.

It´s like a massage for the soul.

What happens during a Touch Therapy Session?

  • 1. We meet and talk about your desires for the session

Everybody has their very own, personal reason for coming to me. Before we start with the Session I would love to know a little bit about your reason and the desires that are coming with it. Here you have room to specify the kind of touch you want to receive and if you have parts where you don´t like to be touched.

  • 2. We have a full hour of Touch Therapy

This is YOUR time. And you can use this time however you like. A Touch Therapy Session can be completely silent or you can speak about things you need to talk about. I can just hold you in stillness or I can stroke your head, your back, your face or your arms.

Please note that the Session is a fully clothed non-sexual space.

  • 3. You have a few minutes to come back from your deep, meditative state

In my experience these Sessions can go very deep and most people need to “come back” instead of just jump up and go back out into the world. You are invited to keep your meditative state as long as possible by doing things a little bit slower than you normally would.

You will leave the session deeply nourished, rejuvenated and relaxed

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