*** Thinking about privilege… ***

**** Thinking about privilege… ****



I am going to journal openly about my journey into a past life experience because I deeply believe what I healed through crashing against a tree today I healed not only for myself…

I am in Los Angeles at our business retreat for my Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification.

Our task was to shake everything off that was holding us back from owning to earn what we desire to earn. Well – I shook a little too hard and crashed against a tree that was standing nearby.

It did burn like hell and at first I pretended to be okay and I tried to be strong and just breath through the pain…

It did not work so I started to fully surrender to the pain and the tears it brought.

The more I surrendered the deeper I fell into the memory of a past life experience where they came for me and they took me and they locked me away and tortured me. 

Then they put me on a stake and fire started to eat me alive…

I knew intuitively that this experience has a lot to do with the fear of owning to be a healer, a spiritual medium, a mystic, a witch and put myself out there to be seen in a much bigger way than I did before.

With the wonderful support of my sisters (it really helps to be constantly surrounded by the most amazing coaches!) I worked through that pain and cried and screamed and purged it all out.

Over and over again I said: I did nothing wrong! Why did they took me?! It was not right. I did nothing wrong! I just healed people!!!!!

They kept telling me its over and I am safe now and its 2018 and everything is alright now…

Yes – everything is alright now – for me…

And then the next wave of pain washed over me – the pain of the women in 2018 that it is not alright for…

And – I don’t know why but – especially female genital mutilation.



This pain was so fucking intense that I thought I could never ever stop crying…

Eventually I did and I had a very powerful realization:

Me crying about the world as it is does change NOTHING! Me claiming my powerful, badass warrior queen and using it for what I believe in changes EVERYTHING!

And I do believe that pleasure is our birthright and I will go and fight for it!!!

We have to use our privilege for those who have less of it than we do.

It was such a humbling experience to kiss that tree and I am super super grateful for the lesson it taught me.

It opened up my consciousness to something I have tried to ignore while spiraling in my own shit.

Not to invalidate my own shit but putting it in perspective and opening my eyes to things I have avoided looking at…

I was wondering what charity I donate to when I start earning good money – I think I found it…

Denying yourself pleasure just because others suffer is not making the world better so please keep that in mind from now on – claim your privileged voice and use it when it is safe for you as a man or woman in 2018.

We are not going to burn anymore for putting ourselves out there and speak up!!!

All Love

Lucya Lalita


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