*** The secret to becoming unfuckwithable ***

**** The secret to becoming unfuckwithable ****


Becoming unfuckwithable essentially means that you are able to rest in the sureness of your original essence and your true nature – no matter what others may think of it.

More often than not we hold back our true self expression because we are afraid of abandonment, hate, misunderstanding, criticism and judgment from others.

And for me there is one thing that I found helps me to get over that:

Allowing others to hate me

How would your life change if you would give other people permission to hate you?

Just drop into your body for a moment.

Feel for a response.

Does your body feel wide and open or hard and contracted?

How would your life change? What would you be finally able to do or to be?

And how the F can we act counterintuitively and give others permission to do something we so deeply fear?

By realizing we cannot stop them if they decide to hate/judge/criticize us.

They do it when they want to do it.

So we could just as well give them permission so we feel less violated by it…

As soon as we allow people to do things to us there is no overstepping of boundaries anymore.

Just like you would give a child permission to break something every now and then.

They do it anyway and when you give internal permission it doesn’t bother you as much when it happens.

All Love

Lucya Lalita


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