*** The revolutionary power of celebrating our successes ***

**** The revolutionary power of celebrating our successes ****


Have you ever heard the saying “A man´s praise in his own mouth stinks”?

Have you ever realized how much this simple phrase has conditioned you to play small?

To brush off compliments?

To dim your light or even hide it under a bushel?

To strive for the next step on the way without honoring today´s achievements?

One of the most important things I have learned during my coaching certification besides how to coach in a supreme way is how to CELEBRATE the shit out of myself and others!

In Germany this saying is very deeply ingrained into our collective soul.

It was so hard for me in the beginning to speak openly about my celebrations – especially those around finances and sex.

When I posted a celebration in our Facebook Group I was literally running after I posted.

Closing the computer so I would not delete it right away!

Worrying what the others might think of me now.

If they role their eyes on me or think I am arrogant, conceited or ridiculous.

When I looked back at the post later the day I was seeing at least 5-10 women CHEERING ME ON!

Literally – cheering me on! Celebrating me, celebrating with me, popping the champaigne bottle for my success – however big or small it was…

You know what? After all these years of severe bullying and being used to other women being jealous or envious towards anything good that happened to me THIS EXPERIENCE WAS SO PROFOUNDLY HEALING!!!!

And over time, becoming more and more used to genuine positive reactions towards my successes I started to feel them so much deeper.

Instead of just nodding at myself after a success and heading towards the next thing on the list I paused more often and started to value even the little things I achieved during my day.

I was grateful for being alive.

I felt capable of doing things I desired to accomplish and my self-confidence grew stronger.

Negative things or failures do not affect me as much any more these days – because I know I am capable.

I know I am worthy of good things happening to me and that I can make them happen and they will happen again.

But something even more remarkable was happening with me, too!

By celebrating and popping the champaigne bottle for my sisters MY OWN FEELINGS OF ENVY AND JEALOUSY VANISHED.

Its hard to admit but, yes, I was often envying the successes of others.

Especially when it was about something I would have wanted for myself.

I was happy for them, yes. But a big part of me (one of my inhabitants I wrote about in my last share – now knowing it is not who I really am) was sad I am not having what she got.

Thereby I disregarded all the beauty and good that was happening in my life and I could feel my heart closing. I fell into the comparison trap and it was hard for me to get out and not feel pity for myself.

Through genuinely celebrating the others and receiving celebration I was more and more able to open my heart and see myself as a goddess amongst goddesses and a queen amongst queens!

Do I still sometimes wish I had this amazing date night or breakthrough she was having?

Sure I do – and there is nothing wrong with that.

We can use these feelings as motivation and fuel to go for what we want in life.

But I do not feel pain about it anymore and I can value the good and the successes in my life so much more.


All Love

Lucya Lalita


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