*** The goddess dropped a gift right into my lap – literally ***

**** The goddess dropped a gift right into my lap – literally *****


On Saturday I worked in the healing area of a day festival here at the lake.

When Yoga started I caught sight of a man I instantly knew I had to work with today.

Two hours later he was laying in my arms, in my lap, shaking, his eyes closed, his face filled with bliss, with relaxation, with something he very obviously never felt before.

When he opened his asian shaped eyes again they were staring at me in awe and wonder, widened with surprise and pure love.

“I want to serve the divine feminine whereof you are a representation” he said.

“I have 3 partners already – I don´t need a fourth. And I am in celibacy – really focusing inwards these days to fill my own cup.”

“I want to serve the divine feminine whereof you are a representation – in the way it SERVES you best.” he said…


I switched on my empath gifts to read his field – to see how sincere he was in his offering.

I scanned his system for any hidden agenda, any underlying greed or neediness, any dishonesty, any reason not to trust.

“Why would you want to do that” I asked – still suspicious even though I couldn´t find any sign or hint of falseness in his field.

“I want to learn from you. I want to discover in me what I was able to catch a glimpse of during our session.

I know there is so much more that lays hidden and I want to bring it out to help the collective end the distrust and the war between the male and the female.”

His honesty, openness and sincere desire touched me deeply – he was right – this man holds powers he has no idea of yet.

I asked him if I could lay in his arms for a few minutes to feel even deeper into myself if this is in alignment with my desires right now.

About an hour later, after a bodywork session that intuitively touched all my inner and outer pain points in a way my body and my soul could accept and surrender to I stared into his eyes with the same awe and wonder he looked at me with before.

Widened with the same surprise because rarely was someone ever able to give me what I give so naturally and effortlessly to others.

It felt like we have learned in the same cosmic school and I felt the deep connection reestablish that our soul signature carries deep within from many many lifetimes.

I realized in that moment that this man was a reward.

A gift from the goddess herself because I made it perfectly clear that I will not accept any superficial nonsense contact – even if the form of that contact is adorable and tempting as hell…

In deep gratitude I accept this gift – and I feel inside a deep desire to serve the divine masculine whereof he is a representation.

Because he has no energy of take I feel invited to give – so much more than I could if I would feel that “take” energy from someone – consciously or unconsciously carried by 99% of the men out there…

Once more I feel like I did everything right to deserve this gift from the goddess herself.

I felt a deep desire to practice my newly learned Tantric tools and techniques with someone who is a sincere devotee of the divine feminine.

I did not ask for it because I accepted to have to wait until my beloved partners arrive here with whom I desire to engage into these deep and intense practices.

I still feel this deep desire – and at the same time immense bliss and divine ecstasy for being able to start practicing now.

Still I will honor the divine order for not letting anyone enter me for the rest of the year – and feeling even deeper gratitude for being supported in this by him

This gives us the space to sensually and tantrically explore all the vivid colors of sacred sexuality beyond intercourse.

A true gift – once again

Thank you, divine mother, for bringing me what I desire without even asking for it!

All Love

Lucya Lalita

What about you?!

Have you ever had such an encounter?

What gifts do you deeply desire from the goddess?


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