*** The first practice from my men´s sexuality major ***

**** The first practice from my men´s sexuality major ****


The third trimester starts today and I am so freaking excited about the deep dive into the body and psyche of the male!

Lately I got already to a bigger understanding and a lot more empathy around the confusion of the masculine in present times – thanks to Justin Baldoni and his amazing ted talk!

Go check it out if you don´t know it yet!

I had a tough decision between men´s sexuality and couples coaching and I am super happy to have decided on men

A lot of couples stuff is already covered in the tantra major and we are only able to take 2 out of 8.

I am absolutely impressed by the content of Module 1 that opened its gates today.

We learn embodiment practices tailored to your desires, needs and language and I am stoked to soon be able to guide you so much deeper into your own self to help you master your life on all levels!

I want to share a few pointers about the first practice to help you understand WHY this work is so powerful and why it is so necessary to drop into the body instead of leading life solely from the head.

So here are my notes on the first embodiment practice:

Primal Breathing

→ Helps a man opening up to the power of breathwork in a very embodied and primal way.

Connecting back to the primal is vital for a man to become a powerful and conscious being and lover.

→ Connects him to the power of moving energy by moving the body and combining it with intense breathing

Men tend to become impulsive sexually but loose their presence very quickly and get lost in the game → leads to premature ejaculation for example or to disconnecting emotionally from their partner.

→ This practice helps connect a man to his warrior nature where the true warrior (think of martial arts rather than war) never looses his presence whatever intense things happening around him.

He is fully embodied and led by his instincts and impulses in an integrated and connected way.

This makes a man flexible in his approach to life in every situation.

He keeps his center awake, aligned and open.

Instead of controlling life from the head he flows with life in an embodied, integrated way – the best starting point for intense sexual connection to a partner and dealing with her feminine flow of life force energy!

Sounds great, right?

I love breathwork and the possibility to tailor it to specific results really really excites me!

And this is just the first exercise of many more to come *yay*

All Love

Lucya Lalita


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