*** The ecstatic nature of all there is ***

**** The ecstatic nature of all there is ****


Yesterday I had the honor to participate in a traditional Temazcal (mexican sweatlodge) ritual.

It was my first time and I only heard its going to be hard – nothing compared to the Sauna I am used from the German spa.

When I sat my first foot into the area of the Mexican rain forest where the ritual was about to be held tears started dwelling in my eyes.

The kind of tears that confirm to me that serious magic and truth is about to be experienced.

The kind of tears that I get when I feel “Ergriffenheit” – a German word for being touched immensely by something.

This place was holding so much power – so much love – so much truth. So much healing must have been happened here…

We got asked to set an intention for the night.

Something we want to change or work on or clear or transform.

I chose to shed fear to make room for love and trust and faith and I asked in my prayer to the spirits that they make it more about the people I am here to serve and less about me and my ego as a coach or healer.

That everything I think I know will be taken off me so I can create my life from a higher perspective and be open to miracles instead of designing it in my head from what I think I want and how I want things to happen.

Plus I prayed for grounding in my physical form so I can really step into this new phase of my life and be well received by the earth mother and all of her creatures.

We went in

We sat down

The firekeeper brought the stones and we welcomed the “abuelitas” the grandmothers as which the stones are seen as and gave herbs on them to breath and clear the air.

4 rounds. The first was almost to much to take already. And by far the longest – but I had no idea about that at that point.

When you chose to leave you leave for good – that was what I got told before.

It was not so strict in the end but I am glad I didn’t know at that time and so did not take the opportunity to cheat on myself.

The second round I layed down for a bit and sat back up because I wanted to save the sanctuary of the ground for when I really needed it.

We sang and we gave our prayers

The third round cracked me open.

I went to lay down and started breathing deeply.

Trying to find my center.

Trying to ignore the voice that told me I have to leave.


Trying to go into meditation.

Trying to – trying to – and finally succeeded.

My body started shaking like I know it from heavy breathwork sessions and intense Tantric experiences.

I was holding hands with a brother on my left and a sister on my right.

I started mourning and my body went into uncontrolled states of movement.

My pussy opened and contracted like in the most blissfull and orgasmic moments.

Then I burst into uncontrollable laughter and all I was able to think was


The divine revealed itself once again in my heart, in my third eye, in my pussy, in my lips, in my sounds, in my whole being – as the ecstatic nature of all things.

As the orgasmic bliss that created the universe.

If only scientists would understand what the big bang really was…

The rest of the time was a walk in the park.

I was in heaven and heaven was in me.

I was in the earth and the earth was in me.

All there was was all there is and me in the middle – and around it – and all of this with the biggest smile of passion, pleasure, ecstasy and deep relaxation on my radiantly glowing face.

They say to go into a Temazcal is like dying and being reborn again out of the womb of mother earth into a new and more pure version of yourself. And so it was.

When I went out it was like I see the light for the first time.

I saw the sky for the first time.

I saw the fire and the people and the trees for the first time.

I went down to lay flat on the ground.

Thanking my mother for receiving me.

Thanking my guides for taking me here.

Thanking the earth mother for welcoming me here and realized once more why I made it all the way down here.

The taste of the watermelon and mango we shared afterwards was the most heavenly thing I have ever tasted.

All Love

Lucya Lalita



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