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I can tell you much about …

… how wonderful and highly transformative my work is…

… that energy healing is a real thing and that it truly can have miraculous effects …

… how good you can feel in your body…

… how profoundly my coaching will change your life…

… how important authenticity, Tantric practice and consciousness is for your life and your sexuality…

… but my clients are so much better in speaking about it!

Thank you Lucya.

The days now do not feel the same as before. I am not overthinking and I am grasping the present. I am part of the big big picture. I feel like floating in space…

…like a star who is remembering how to shine and bring light to all galaxies.

I am shining and just shining and the light is constant and all around the never ending space and silence that I am.

In our session I received so much from you. In particular this feeling of being protected and safe and to a certain degree loved & cared-for.

Our meeting recharged my energy , the same energy that moves us in a natural way – like planets and stars.



Dear Lucya, Today I want to give you feedback on your presence and your abilities, which I am amazed to admire.

Already in our first meeting I realized that you are truly a healer!

I have told you about the pain of my inner child and therefore asked you to extend the loving cuddle for a particularly long time and to let your intuition prevail.

What can I say, my hope has been far exceeded! This was floating on clouds, salvaged in divine love, held in gentle arms, caressed by angels and gently swept back into the body with new energy, vitality and pleasurable sensation!

I hope this does not sound too cheesy, but this is how it felt for me. I am still in a trance and boundlessly grateful for this experience.

You helped me heal my inner child a little bit deeper today!

Thank you for the valuable session with you.

It has set in motion, effected and manifested plenty of positivity in me.

I can open myself up a lot more relaxed and above all more natural for touch on all levels and show who I am and what I want.

Being with a goddess like you makes God’s presence clearer in me, illuminating in his own way other dormant gods and goddesses.



Hello Darling!

After the coaching with you, I had a great, deep conversation with my partner in the evening, where we could clarify a lot, what each of us wants and how we can give that to each other. Everything that was previously so knotted, now feels so wide and free.

I understand that I have to be there for myself and celebrate my divine femininity before I expect anyone else to do that!

You are a great, inspiring woman!

Lucya, you are a role model for me.

Especially in the area of embodiment of lightness and self-awareness, I can learn so much from you!

And you never give one the feeling of being less great than you are. With your gentle strength you always meet everyone at eye level!

I always feel so inspired and strengthened after contact with you.



Thank you for the love you give so freely! Your gift to see and bring out the light in everyone is unique!

Thank you, Lucya! The pain that has been in my shoulder for a year is gone.

Neither doctors nor conventional massage nor yoga has solved anything so far. The potential of your work seems enormous!

Mentally, above all, I feel much freer, more creative, and more energetic. I felt that way a few years ago, but I lost it due to stress and strain.

Feeling like I can effortlessly take different perspectives again. The breathing has deepened and everything is somehow easier.

Overall, I am deeply impressed by the effect, especially because it occurred so suddenly and still continues!

See you again soon!