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Tantra Essentials – The Ultimate Beginners Course to Tantra

Learning and understanding Tantra can never be done by only reading about it!

Again and again I hear from all kinds of people that they are really curious about Tantra. But they have no clue where to start.

They are either too shy to visit a workshop or the workshops are just too expensive or feel intimidating. They want to wait until they have a partner or their partner is just not up for it.

So they either don´t do anything or they do what they would do with any other topic they want to learn more about:

They read a book…

Don´t get me wrong. There are really good books about Tantra out there. The only problem is:

Tantra is a deeply practical path that needs to be walked and experienced in the body!

Follow your Curiosity
Follow it deeper and deeper!

The books about Tantra always are a little bit like cook books.

They are full of delicious recipes (practices) but most of them are way too difficult and too elaborate to put into action.

It is quite difficult to remember all the 20+ steps of the exercise and still focus on FEELING the effects. 

This is why I only wrote a little basic introduction instead of a 200+ page book with even more recipes that no one will ever follow through.

Psss: If you haven´t read it yet you can get it here – It´s free!

Instead I created what I would loved to have for myself when starting out with Tantra:

The Tantra Essentials Online Course

Instead of following complicated written instructions you can follow along the guided audio practices.

Imagine you are having your own personal Tantra teacher sitting next to you and guiding you through the most delicious Tantric practices!

I have condensed the most essential Tantric teachings into a comprehensive and concise step by step process.

Over the course of 5 Modules and 10 guided audio practices and meditations you will build up an embodied understanding about what Tantra really is.

There is no way around embodied wisdom when it comes to learning Tantra!

Before, these guided audios where only available as part of my high end 1:1 coaching programs. But these programs were often too much for someone who is just Tantra-curious.

That´s why I decided to condense my vast knowledge into 5 structured, comprehensive and concise follow-along Modules.

At the end of this course you will have both the rational understanding and the embodied experience to fully get the benefits of the Tantric teachings!

Module 1: Tapping into your Divinity

Practice: Create a new Empowered Identity
Meditation: The Tantric Enlightenment Meditation

In this first module you will connect to the biggest, bestest, hottest and boldest version of YOU that you can imagine!

To create a vision is the starting point of every manifestation. With this practice you will create a vision of YOU and experience how it feels to live your life as the highest version of YOU.

This first module is crucial for your sexuality and your everyday life alike!

Imagine you finally have a CHOICE what identity you want to play out in your life AND how you wanna show up in your sexuality!

Identity is not static! It is the role we decide to play out. This practice helps your confident, empowered and ecstatic YOU come alive

Your identity is not carved in stone. It is just what you have been conditioned to believe who you are.

You can use this practice over and over again to empower different aspects of you. Create confidence for your next date, your business meeting and your bedroom action alike!

HEADS UP: Even though it´s super important to be able to choose your empowered identity I want you to know that YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR IDENTITY!

This is why the meditation of the first Module is The Tantric Enlightenment Meditation that will guide you beyond your identity into the eternal realm of your soul and your essence.

This is the transcendental space, your true home, where you can come and rest. Where all duality is dissolving into oneness.

Tantra is a non-dual teaching and in this meditation you can tap into the transcendental non-dual space that is the reality behind all form and matter.

The more time you spend in this realm the easier it gets to identify life as the huge adventure playground it truly is.

You become able to disengage from the stories in your head and the drama that plays out around you.

“Life on Earth” is just a really cool game with an amazing design and spectacular graphics!

Module 2: Tapping into your Energy Body

Practice: The Sacred Body Activation
Meditation: Awakening Kundalini

In the Tantric teachings the body is seen as the vessel for the divine – it´s time to start treating it that way!

In this Module you will learn everything you need to know to prepare your body for holding more of your delicious sexual energy.

“Sexual Energy equals Life Force Energy” is another core teaching of the Tantric tradition.

Our body is more than this machine-like flesh suit we drag around through our life.

Our body carries a complex energy system (known as Chakras, Dantiens and Nadis) that holds tremendous potential. It´s a shame that this potential lays bare in most people!

Activating the different energy points and centers will help you work safely, efficiently and ecstatically with the increased amount of sexual energy we will cultivate in Module 3 and 4.

This weeks meditation helps you to gently and safely awaken your Kundalini power!

The Kundalini is pictured as a sleeping, curled-up snake at the bottom of your spine.

In the Tantric tradition it is the symbol for our sleeping sexual life force energy.

To awaken Kundalini means to awaken the goddess of life force within you.

To open the central channel in your spine is a necessary step to work with the increased amount of sexual energy you will cultivate in the following modules.

To awaken our sexuality and transform it into higher forms of energy is the Tantric way to enlightenment

AND to orgasms beyond your wildest imagination!

Module 3: Tapping into Conscious Sexuality

Practice: The Conscious Self-pleasure Ritual
Meditation: Befriending the Body

In Module 3 you will learn the foundational keys of conscious sexuality and raise your sexual vibration.

Enough preparation done! Let´s get to the juice! In this module you will learn the most important factors for cultivating a mind-blowing sexuality.

You can use these keys both in your solo sexuality and in lovemaking with a partner.

For people in a relationship it is ideal if both partners practice these sexual keys as a sexual self-care practice between lovemaking sessions.

Maintaining a sexual self-care practice is essential to build up sexual stamina and passion for both men and women!

Practicing these foundational keys brings you both ecstasy and deep relaxation, an increased libido, more life-force energy and it lets you experience your bodies capability of the most exquisite sexual pleasure!

Ever wanted to know what your full sexual potential is? This is the way to find out!

This weeks Meditation is all about building a love relationship with your whole body!

The Tantric tradition teaches that EVERYTHING carries consciousness and everything is alive! This goes for every single cell in your body as well!

Your body is not only this mechanical flesh suit as I mentioned already.

Everything you think and feel about your body goes directly into each and every cell.

But not only is your body alive and listens to what you say to it but it carries a lot of wisdom that you can access if only you would ask.

In this meditation we not only give love, appreciation and gratefulness to our body but learn to listen to its wisdom as well.

Ever wanted to know what your penis or your pussy really thinks, feels and needs? All you have to do is ask!

Self-love is more than just looking into the mirror and mumbling I love you. Let´s get practical and experience how deep self-love truly can become!

Module 4 – Tapping into Sacred Sexuality

Practice: The Sacred Self-Pleasure Ritual
Meditation: The Microcosmic Orbit

In this Module we take what we have learned in the last Modules, bring it all together and take it to the next level.

By adding the sacred dimension to your intentional self-pleasure you learn to fully access and embody your inner god and goddess in your sexuality.

No matter if you are currently single or in a relationship – it is important to cultivate your personal connection to the divine. Otherwise we tend to substitute this connection through a relationship and setting it up for failure.

You will learn to activate each of your senses and invite the divine into your sacred space and into your bodily temple.

The heart of this practice is to give you an embodied experience of “I and the divine are one being”.

Remember that Tantra ultimately is a non-dual path of consciousness that sees the human experience as a temporary expression of all-that-is.

But compared to other spiritual paths that deny the human experience and the body Tantra embraces all aspects of life!

This weeks Meditation is “The Microcosmic Orbit” and teaches you to circulate your sexual energy through your Chakras.

Module 3 touches on this already a little bit in its practice but to learn the Microcosmic Orbit properly is an important preparation for the practice of Module 5.

To distribute sexual energy through all the different frequency centers is THE fundamental Tantric energy practice.

It enables you to use your sexual energy that is, in fact, your life force energy itself as fuel for our personal development, well-being, manifestation and our spiritual growth.

By now you see how all the practices are building up on each other and together creating the essence of the Tantric path.

And there is no greater blessing for a human life than combining pleasure, passion and ecstasy with personal and spiritual growth!

Module 5: Tapping into Living a Tantric Life

Practice: Manifesting with your Sexual Energy
Meditation: Blissful Morning Meditation

In this last Module we explore what we need to do to life orgasmic instead of just having orgasms.

Tantra is so much more than just sex. The true magic starts when you use the Tantric teachings in your everyday life!

Good Sex alone can not guarantee lasting happiness if the rest of our life is a mess. In fact, if the rest of our life is a mess it is hard to enjoy sex at all.

I experience the power of the Tantric teachings in my everyday life. This is why I am so passionate about not reducing Tantra to just “this sex thing”.

The practice of this Module teaches you a powerful manifestation technique where you use your sexual energy to manifest what you desire.

You will notice that this Module ties back into Module 1 – identity – so that a full circle is created.

On top of the usual practice and meditation this Module comes with a few extra goodies to prepare you for your Tantric life!

The last meditation is a Tantric morning meditation you can use in your everyday life even if you don´t have the time for a full practice every day.

I want this meditation to be absolutely doable for you EVERY SINGLE DAY – no matter how full your day is.

This is why I created a shorter and a longer version but as always the meditation is open ended so you can stay in it for as long as you like.

To establish a healthy routine is absolutely essential for a fulfilling life and this 5morning meditation supports you in building it with pleasure and bliss!

I desire for you to not only take a glance at Tantra but make this course a friend for life!

I do not only want to inspire you but I want to motivate you to take the creation of your life into your own hands!

And seriously – learning Tantra means embracing all aspects of life.


The most rewarding thing you can do in your life: Combining pleasure and personal development!

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