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The Way of the Dakini – A Journey into the Art of Tantra for Women

The word Dakini originates from the old Indian Sanskrit language and means skydancer or she, who dances the sky.

The Dakini is pictured as a female supernatural being who embodies the Tantric teachings and helps and guides others on their path to Tantric enlightenment.

A Dakini is both wild, fierce and powerful and sensual, warm and loving.

A woman who embodies the archetype of the Dakini lives her life with full integrity and bridges the spiritual with the worldly realms. She has chosen to take on a human form to experience the wide range of possibilities that come with this bodily vehicle for her soul.

She is hungry for and in love with life.

She walks this earth with grace and leaves footsteps of light wherever she goes.

In her sexuality an embodied Dakini is deeply connected to her body, her sensuality, her feelings and her emotions.

She enjoys her sexuality in a wide variety of ways and she is fluent in both giving and receiving endless amounts of pleasure.

She values her sexuality as the most beautiful and powerful way to connect to her home in the spirit world.

The connection to her sexual energy fuels all of her life and is the source of her grace, her power and her magnetic radiance.

She enjoys sensual and sexual pleasure both with herself and in sacred union with her loved one or with various partners.

She holds the ability to teach exquisite lovemaking to those who are willing to learn as well as the ability to fully surrender to a partner who is capable of holding all of her being.

There was a time when embodied Dakinis held the spiritual leadership of their communities as high priestesses.

Temples were built to praise and worship the divine feminine all over the world.

Then, as there is to be read in the Baghavat Gita, the ancient Hindu text, the collective consciousness entered the Kali Yuga, the dark age, how the Sanskrit language calls the period of the last several thousand years, where competition, war, inequality and violence took over the world.

But lately the Dakinis received a calling from the earth who is deeply in need for their powers.

The earth did call upon them and asked for support in the big shift by bringing back the light of the divine feminine in her most powerful way.

To end the war between the male and the female, between the embodied gods and goddesses who live on this planet in denial of their original essence.

When love, trust and sacred union between the male and the female is rebuilt it raises the energy of the collective consciousness in such a powerful way that it will ring the bell for a new era of peace and harmony between all living beings.

My mission as an embodied Dakini is to remind my sisters of their original essence within and help them reclaim their true nature, their power, their light and their freedom!

I invite you to take a moment and feel into yourself:

Did any of the above resonate with you?

> Did anything you just read spoke to you?

> Would you wish that this “fairy tale” would actually be true?

> Does your heart long to be that kind of sensually, spiritually and sexually empowered woman?

> Can you feel something inside of you starting to remember why you came here?

> Does your soul crave to be part of the new paradigm – as an active creator instead of a passive witness?

There is no such thing as coincidence, dear sister.

If you have been intrigued to continue reading this information is for you!

The world is deeply in need for us, dear sister!

Deeply in need for empowered, strong, sensual, sexually awakened women who are not afraid to live and speak their truth unabashedly.

This is why I created The Way of the Dakini for you, who heard the calling and followed it all the way here through the noisy and crowded world of the Internet.

For you, who heard the calling of your true nature to finally reclaim your birthright for passion, pleasure and ecstasy you hold as a Dakini.

It is time – now!

The old paradigm fades away. The old paradigm of separation, powerlessness, fear, competition and war.

The world is ready for the new paradigm of cooperation, peace, love, equality and fulfillment.

The more each and every single woman steps into her own integrated powers, her light, her truth and her spiritual awakening the quicker this new paradigm will become reality!

Let´s speak more about all this in person!

“The Way of the Dakini” consists of two parts which work together perfectly

It offers a modern, integrated approach to the ancient Tantric teachings combined with scientifically proven, high end contemporary coaching methods to heal everything that stands between you and your true essence.

1. Over the course of  5 or 10 sessions you get to discover and integrate everything that holds you back from stepping into your power

Several thousand years of negative conditioning around female power and the power of our sexuality have brought us to dim our light so we feel safe and don´t offend others.

We have been taught to play small and we have traded our freedom and our truth for love and a sense of belonging.

We carry the pain of our female ancestors who have been hunted , raped, killed, suppressed, violated and wounded on every level – because the people in charge were afraid of the endless powers they held!

Maybe even you yourself have been wounded and traumatized in this lifetime. Maybe you have been shamed for your self-expression and for being a luscious, wild, untamed, sexual being.

Maybe you never even had a chance to encountered your wild, powerful, sexual nature because it was suppressed from a very young age.

Maybe you have experienced violence and trauma.

Whatever it is that made you dim your light – we will find it and bring it back home!

We will love these suppressed, fearful, wounded parts of you so deeply that they will heal and move back into integration.

And when these parts move back into integration a tremendous amount of energy will be released.

This energy that you have spent before on keeping these parts neatly hidden in the shadows is then available to move you forward to create the life you are meant to live!


2. Discover simple yet endlessly powerful Tantric and Taoist techniques to raise your sexual energy – your creative life force energy itself

Tantra is both a deeply spiritual, philosophical AND practical approach to life and sexuality.

It teaches us very clear, concrete and practical methods how to embrace the fullness of human experience so that even the most intense pain can feel orgasmic (yes, as well heartbreak and birth!)

It teaches us that our body is a temple and a vehicle for our souls to travel on this planet and experience the third dimension.

We have been incredibly gifted by entering this world.

We have been given eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin to take in all the wonders of this world as intense as possible.

We have been given the ability to experience bliss and depression, ecstasy and suffering, love and hate, joy and pain. Our soul came here to experience it all!

Tantra teaches us that there is no such thing as negative emotions. There are just ways to handle all emotions positively or negatively.


We have been given a luscious, beautiful and sensitive Yoni (Tantric expression for vagina) to enter into sacred union and to experience tremendous amounts of pleasure.

We have been given ways to express ourself sexually through sound, movement, touch, taste, smell and immense creativity.

There is NO reason why we should deny the gift of sexuality.

Rather the opposite: By worshiping the creation (and we are part of creation just as everything and everyone else) we worship the creator!

Let´s speak more about all this in person!

How and why you will get incredible results in such a short time

The old fashioned conventional talk based approaches to therapy and coaching only get you so far.

They only work with thecortical level of the brain where your rational thinking takes place.

If change and true, lasting transformation would happen from the part of the brain that makes logical and rational decisions we all would have the most perfect life we can actually imagine!

Integrated Embodiment Coaching is different

It speaks to and works with all of your being
– all brain parts, the body, your energy system, your spirit and your soul – instead of just the cortical part of your brain.

It gets the subconscious on board that is responsible for deep and lasting transformation because our subconscious sets the course in our life.

It rewires your brain and builds new neuronal pathways which lead to new positive and aligned automatic habits so you can finally create what you desire in life without falling back into old patterns.

It shines a light on your shadow aspects and teaches you how to love these lost parts of yourself home instead of going to war with them.

It brings your higher, incredibly wise parts into your life and into your body so you can create your life from these powerful and enlightened parts instead of your weak and fearful ones.

Integrated Embodiment Coaching creates wholeness where once was fragmentation. This is the secret to true and lasting change.


The highly transformative Tools and Techniques you will be working with

Level I

  • 1. Deconstructing and reconstructing your identity

    Your identity is not carved in stone. Learn how to recreate yourself and step into your true essence.

  • 2. Befriending your luscious body

    Learn how to truly worship your sacred temple and see it for what it is: an endlessly beautiful gift from the creator itself.

  • 3. Burst your heart open

    Learn how to love every part of your being unabashedly – especially those who are extra hard to love.

  • 4. Handle your emotions with open-hearted grace and consciousness

    Learn how to be unshakable by any outside force and use all your emotions as fuel for your daily life.

  • 5. Raise your sexual energy

    Learn how to create the strongest life force energy to enhance your everyday and your intimate experience.

Level II

  • 6. The foundations of Sacred Sexuality

    Learn how to raise your capacity for pleasure and orgasm through the four most important components of Sacred Sexuality.

  • 7. Sacred Self-Pleasure and Sex Magic

    Learn how to use self-pleasure as a way to connect to the spirit world and to manifest your desires.

  • 8. Dancing with your shadows

    Learn to embrace your dark, edgy, shadowy aspects and love and enjoy them at least as much as your light.

  • 9. Re-wilding

    Learn how to reclaim your raw, powerful, primal and wild self.

  • 10. Sexual Enlightenment

    Learn how to gently awaken your Kundalini energy to bridge your sexuality and your spirituality and fully step into your Dakini Nature.

Let´s speak more about all this in person!

The coaching package includes:

  • weekly, high transformative 60 minute coaching sessions

  • E-Mail or voicemail support, if you have any questions or need guidance in between sessions

  • Exercises, meditations and other Tantric and Taoist methods to explore your sexuality in a safe container

  • Custom-tailored, supporting, joyful homeplay exercises between coaching sessions to deepen your transformation

  • Energetic distant healing to resolve and integrate energetic blockages

  • Love, understanding, support and unconditional acceptance for your individuality

  • Absolute confidentiality and reliability, so you feel completely safe to show yourself with everything there is

  • My expertise, my trained intuition and my wisdom from 7 years of own spiritual practice, 2 intense coaching trainings, 6 years of professional Tantric Bodywork and Energetic Healing work with people of all kinds

  • Methods that really work and act holistically on all aspects of your being


Absolutely NOT! In fact , it´s even legally prohibited and would highly go against my own coaching ethics.

In our time together we talk, we visualize, we do creative exercises, embodiment exercises, breathwork and use many other coaching tools and techniques. But at no point will I ask you to undress and/or touch yourself sexually!

The homeplay exercises are an important part of the coaching work. I will send you guided audio practices and meditations you can listen to and practice in between sessions to stabilize what you have accomplished in the session or to practice the Taotantric Arts on your own with my audio guidance.

You will keep the recordings forever so you can continue practicing even when our time together ends!

My biggest goal is to ensure your lasting transformation. Therefore it is necessary that we both commit to a longer process. Transformation happens over time, like any skill you learn. Our time together is a kickstart into your new life and single sessions do not support this process.

After our time together ends I do offer single sessions if something comes up that needs my guidance.

The investment for each level is $777.

If you decide to book both levels at once you receive a discount of $110 ($1444 instead of $1554 for both levels).

Yes, you can decide to pay every month separately before it starts.

1. You send me a message that you are interested in my program.

2. We make an appointment for a free coaching session where we can get to know each other and feel into if we want to work together. You can address every question you might have and I can get clear on your desires and how I can help you.

3. If you decide right there and then that you want to work with me you will get a bonus session for free after we have finished our three months together to integrate it into your life even better.

4. Or you can sleep about it again and tell me later that you want to work with me.

Or you tell me that you do not want to work with me and that´s totally fine, too. I promise I will not get mad at you 🙂

5. If you decide for working with me I will enroll you into my system and we arrange the first session of our epic time together <3

To deal with one’s own sexuality and above all the shadow of one’s own sexuality can trigger all sorts of emotions. From anger to flight response everything is possible. I know about that and I can hold you in all those emotions because I’ve been there so many times myself.

The journey to the bottom of your soul is challenging and I ask you to give yourself and your system a chance. Changes do not happen over night, and you often have to break through your own blockages and frustrations to receive the reward on the other side.

If you really really feel that we are not a good fit together you have the chance to terminate our contract until after the second session and receive the money back that you already payed in advance for the remaining sessions (not for the ones you already took).

If you wish to terminate our contract later let us work together to see if it is just an obstacle worth getting over or if ending our time together really makes sense at this point. If so you will receive 50% of your deposit for the left over session back.

I know all about resistance, believe me and I know in 99% of the cases its worth getting over and staying with the original plan!

I hold my sessions via zoom. You can download it for free at www.zoom.us

Sometimes having headphones with an integrated microphone can help to ensure better sound quality.

Other than that you just need your computer or mobile phone with a camera.

Reach out to me to book your free exploratory session.

You have nothing to loose.

Get to know me, let me answer all of your questions and let me show you how I can help you awaken to your Dakini Nature.

You are worth the best support available to become the best version of yourself!

Let´s talk more about all this in person!