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The Tantric Warrior Training – A Journey into Conscious Sexuality and Manhood

A Tantric Warrior is a man who conquers, embraces and aligns his 3 temples the sex, the heart and the mind – to become a fully integrated, conscious and healthy man.

A reliable source of power and justice.

He embraces his body, his desires and his sexuality and brings them in full integrity and honesty to the female.

He uses his qualities as a lover, a protector and a wise man wholeheartedly in service of his tribe – his friends, his family and his community.

He knows that real power comes from within – not from power over others.

Every man carries the potential to become a Tantric Warrior!

What differentiates those who solely HAVE the potential from those who LIVE their potential and bring it out into the world are two things:

1. A strong desire for self-realization and improvement of what it means to be a human being and a man in this day and age

2. A decent education both around what it means to be a conscious, integrated man and in the field of Tantric Sexuality.

Number one has to come from within – no one can plant this seed of desire into your heart.

To help you with number two I created The Tantric Warrior Training.

I strongly believe that mastering your sexuality and mastering your manhood goes hand in hand.

Your sexuality is a vital part of your being and in our culture and society we got heavily disempowered and mislead in this area.

We lack conscious teachers who act in integrity and teach what really matters in life.

And we lack transition rites to make it perfectly clear: “I am a man now” like they have in tribal
societies where young men get initiated into manhood through special rituals.

Instead we get fed distorted belief systems that we reproduce over and over again throughout generations

Men are predators and not trustworthy
→ Men are ruled by their cock
→ Being powerful means having power over others
→ Sexuality is dangerous
→ Real men don ́t cry
→ Emotions, beauty and sensuality is for pussies
→ Be strong or be gay

By the day we enter adulthood our brain and heart is stuffed with disempowering messages about what it means to be a man.

Our sexuality becomes distorted in the same way

The vast majority of education around sexuality nowadays comes from porn. But this “education” is far away from reality and from what women TRULY want!

What is Conscious Sexuality and why is it so important to learn about it?

→ It enables you to last as long as you want

→ It brings you out of your head and into your body

→ It fosters a real, intimate connection to your partner or your lover(s)

→ It makes you a masterful lover who can REALLY satisfy a woman

→ It re-sensitizes you so you can feel turn on all over your body

→ It intensifies your orgasms big time

→ It nourishes your body, your heart and your soul on all levels

→ It helps you to become sexually mature

→ It even helps you to become multi-orgasmic – no kidding!

→ It helps to heal all sorts of physical and emotional trauma

→ It helps you understand what women want and how to give it to them

And if you are interested in spirituality you can even use it as a spiritual development practice.  It has similar benefits as normal meditation – it is just way more fun!

Let´s talk more about all this in person!

Let all this sink in for a moment

Ask yourself how your life would change.

If the messages around what it means to be a man would have been replaced with empowering belief systems.

And if you would enjoy all the benefits of conscious sexuality.

How would you go about your day and your life in general?

How would you be able to interact with women?

How would you be able to satisfy a woman sexually?

How would it change how you would see yourself?

I created The Tantric Warrior Training because I want to see more men in their power!

For their own sake as an empowered man and because I want more Tantric Warriors available as partners for us women!

Every goddess who wanders the earth in a human body deserves a Tantric Warrior by her side!

And because the Women ́s Empowerment Movement picked up speed in the last 10-20 years you guys need to catch up – big time!

If you want a high quality partner you have the best chances on the marketplace as a Tantric Warrior.

The qualities of a Tantric Warrior are what women seek in a man.

A Tantric Warrior unites what most people think are contradictions.

He is able to empathize without being pushed around or manipulated.

He is able to stand his ground without being rigid and dominating.

He is too busy conquering his inner world and serving his woman and his community instead of engaging into ridiculous fights about nonsense to prove his strength.

He is a true and much needed role model for his kids and the younger generation.

He is a full spectrum human being and not a slave to all the bullshit around how a “real man” has to be.

Let´s talk more about all this in person!

“The Tantric Warrior Training” consists of two parts which work together perfectly

1. a modern, integrated approach to the ancient Tantric teachings
combined with
2. scientifically proven, high end contemporary coaching methods
to heal everything that stands between you and your true essence.

1. Over the course of 5 or 10 weeks you get to discover and integrate everything that holds you back from stepping into your power

In my Coaching I use the revolutionary method of Integrated Embodiment Coaching.

This Coaching methodology works on all levels of the brain – the rational mind, the emotional brain and the instinctual level.

To work with all parts of the brain allows us to not only address your blockages from the logical level – if that would work we would all be already perfect – but to include the deeper layers of the subconscious mind.

Subconscious fears and belief systems is what mainly sabotages our success in our transformation.

To include and address the deeper layers of the subconscious mind increases your transformation success tremendously!

2. Utilize simple yet endlessly powerful Tantric and Taoist tools and techniques to raise and use your sexual energy

Tantra is both a deeply spiritual, philosophical AND practical approach to life.

It teaches us very clear, concrete and practical methods how to embrace the fullness of our human experience

It teaches us that our body is a temple and a vehicle for our souls to travel on this planet and experience this materialistic dimension.

The tools and techniques I will be sharing with you will connect you to your three centers – the sex, the heart and the mind.

They will help you to bring yourself back into alignment to become the full spectrum man you desire to be!

The nitty gritty details of The Tantric Warrior Training

You are still reading – and I want to honor you for that for a moment!

It means you are at least somewhat serious about transforming your life in a profound way!

I guess by now you wonder HOW THE F does this magical transformation happen for you.

It ́s not so magical after all and at the same time it is.

It always comes back to the two vital things from the beginning: Inner dedication and a decent training.

When you lack either of them you will have a hard time really embodying your full potential.

Inner dedication I cannot give you. But I can and will motivate you and hold you accountable.

And for the decent training part:

Let ́s have a look at the modules I will guide you through in our time together


The Tantric Warrior Training – Level I

1. Identity and Empowerment I

In this first session you get in touch with your deepest desires.

You will meet the parts inside of you that hindered you all your life to get there.

And you will meet the empowered identity that is already where you want to be but covered by an immense pile of shit that we are going to remove in the following sessions.

3. The 6 Holistic Sex Tools – The Cool Training I

The 6 holistic sex tools are the foundation of what I called conscious sexuality earlier.

Remember? The list with all the cool stuff you will benefit from when you engage into these practices?

To really get the hang of each of these tools you will train them first one by one in a state of non-arousal.

That is called the cool training.

In this first session of the cool training you will learn the first 3 of 6 tools – breath, sound and movement.

2. Identity and Empowerment II

In this session I will introduce you to a variety of tools that will guide you into your body and help you to connect your different energy centers, the sex, the heart and the brain.

You will bring all of yourself on line, foster your re-alignment and re-integration and bring it to the next level!

4. The 6 Holistic Sex Tools – The Cool Training II

In the second session we go over the first 3 tools again and integrate the 4-6 tool – focus, slowing down and energy.

You will learn how to use your intimate muscles to circulate your sexual energy through your whole body.

This is the foundation of lasting as long as you want and even to becoming multi-orgasmic.

After this session you will move into The Hot Training as your homeplay exercise.

You will include sexual turn on into your practice and learn how to stay relaxed and open even when you are close to orgasm.

5. Mastering your emotions with peace and presence

In this module you will learn to handle all of your emotions the Tantric way.

This means you will feel them while being conscious and you will learn how to “sit in the fire” of your own emotions without exploding or imploding.

You will learn how to process every emotion as it arises through breathing and centering yourself.

You will learn how to stay open and relaxed – no matter what life throws at you!

The Tantric Warrior Training – Level II

6. Integration and deepening I

In this session we will go about all that you have learned so far from the first 5 Modules.

We recap your experience and we deepen the practices and teachings that are most needed at this stage.

Either because they bring forth the most resistance or because they are the most needed ones for your personal journey of transformation.

We will have a look at where you stand in connection to your desires and goals we set in the first session and what we need to focus our attention on.

8. Becoming a masterful lover

In this module we cover all the juicy details of how you can drive a woman wild with pleasure and ecstasy.

You will learn how the female psyche works in the area of sexuality and how to treat a woman like the goddess she truly is.

Only then will she feel motivated to treat you like the god you truly are!

You learn how to create a safe space for her where she can open up and surrender fully to your touch and your love.

7. Dancing with your shadows

As a child you learned to stuff these parts of you that were not welcomed by your parents and caregivers into a dark prison cell of your soul.

For each of us it is different what we store there.

Some store their sensitivity and others store their aggression.

You will learn tools to get in contact with these shadow aspects, bring them to light and re-integrate them to become a full spectrum human being again.

9. Tantric Mastery and Sexual Enlightenment

In this session you will learn one of the more advanced Tantric practices.

This practice will enable you to use your sexual energy as fuel for your personal and spiritual development process in a very profound way.

You will learn how to use your breath not only as a holistic sex tool but as an activator for your Tantric Mastery,

10. Integration and deepening II

In our final session we draw a resume from our time together.

This session is for asking questions and clarifying how you will continue your training on your own.

We will close the container of coaching and you will get your last homeplay exercise.

A tool that helps you to use your sexual energy in service of your manifestations and what you want to bring into the world.

Let´s talk more about all this in person!

Why you should work with me

When I started with Tantra 6 years ago I was an extraordinary emotional and psychological mess.

I was stuffed to the top with traumas due to physical, emotional and sexual violence and abuse from a very young age.

I don ́t want to bother you with my story (if you are interested you can read about my healing journey here) but I want you to know that my story taught me a very important message for you:

If I can heal my shit and transform my whole life from being a mess into being in bliss – everyone can!

This is what I took away from my story and it initiated me to be an excellent space holder.

  • 1. You can trust me that I will take you all the way – because I have gone all the way myself

And for me that is one of the most important qualities of a healer/coach/mentor/transformation catalyst.

I only trusted these therapists on my own healing journey which were transparent about their own journey with me and the world.

You can take another person only as far as you have gone yourself.

And I have gone all the way into my darkness to bring back my light.

This is why I can help you go all the way to bring back yours as well!

  • 2. I carry some very special gifts and transmissions

Before I made a career out of my gifts and talents I helped so many people for free – basically all my life.

When I was 16 I was into heavy metal and my male friends were as big and bearded as you can imagine. And sooner or later they all dropped into my arms crying and telling me about their shit.

At that time I had no idea about my healing powers but I just did what felt right to me.

I held them, I loved them, I stroked their back and I pressed some points on their bodies. Afterwards they always felt a lot better and lighter.

Only years later I found out that what I did was called energy healing and bodywork. And that I am carrying the gift of an Empath.

This gift allows me to feel other people like I feel myself and to absorb negativity and density like a sponge.

  • 3. Everything I did in my life led me to where I am now

I was always fascinated by the human psyche so I studied psychology, sociology and social work after school.

I did that exactly until I realized that there are much more effective and widely unknown techniques.

Approaches to healing they never told us about in university.

As soon as I stumbled over these more effective techniques I started to study them.

The Embodied Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching Certification I did over the course of 2018 gave everything I learned all my life the perfect and profound frame I am now painting my Taotantric and healing arts in.

Here is a list of credentials and courses I studied over the last 10+ years

See the List
Let´s talk more in person!

Let´s summarize what you will get during your Tantric Warrior Training!


The Coaching Package includes

  • weekly, highly transformative 60 minute coaching sessions

  • E-Mail or voicemail support, if you have any questions or need guidance in between sessions

  • Exercises, meditations and other Tantric and Taoist methods to explore your sexuality in a safe container

  • Custom-tailored, supporting, joyful homeplay exercises between coaching sessions to deepen your transformation

  • Energetic distant healing to resolve and integrate energetic blockages

  • Love, understanding, support and unconditional acceptance for your individuality

  • Absolute confidentiality and reliability, so you feel completely safe to show yourself with everything there is

  • My expertise, my trained intuition and my wisdom from 7 years of own spiritual practice, 2 intense coaching trainings, 6 years of professional Tantric Bodywork and Energetic Healing work with people of all kinds

  • Methods that really work and act holistically on all aspects of your being


Absolutely NOT! In fact , it´s even legally prohibited and would highly go against my own coaching ethics.

In our time together we talk, we visualize, we do creative exercises, embodiment exercises, breathwork and use many other coaching tools and techniques. But at no point will I ask you to undress and/or touch yourself sexually!

The homeplay exercises are an important part of the coaching work. I will send you guided audio practices and meditations you can listen to and practice in between sessions to stabilize what you have accomplished in the session or to practice the Taotantric Arts on your own with my audio guidance.

You will keep the recordings forever so you can continue practicing even when our time together ends!

My biggest goal is to ensure your lasting transformation. Therefore it is necessary that we both commit to a longer process. Transformation happens over time, like any skill you learn. Our time together is a kickstart into your new life and single sessions do not support this process.

After our time together ends I do offer single sessions if something comes up that needs my guidance.

The investment for each level is $777.

If you decide to book both levels together you receive a discount of $110 ($1444 instead of 1554 for both levels).

Yes, I have a thing for these kind of numbers 🙂

Yup – for Level I or II, if booked separate, you can split the payment into 2 installments of $422.

If you decide to book yourself in for both levels you can do either 2 installments of $744 or 3 installments of $499.

Enjoy doing the maths yourself 🙂

1. You send me a message that you are interested in my program. I send you a little questionnaire back to prepare myself to be of best service to you in our first free exploratory session.

2. When I got that questionnaire back we make an appointment for the free exploratory session. Here we can get to know each other and feel into if we want to work together. You can address every question you might have and I can get clear on your desires and how I can help you.

3. If you decide right there and then that you want to work with me you will get a bonus session for free after we have finished our time together to integrate it into your life even better.

4. Or you can sleep about it again and tell me later that you want to work with me.

Or you tell me that you do not want to work with me and that´s totally fine, too. I promise I will not get mad at you 🙂

5. If you decide for working with me I will enroll you into my system and we arrange the first session of our epic time together!

To deal with one’s own sexuality and especially the shadow of one’s own sexuality can trigger all sorts of emotions. From anger to flight response everything is possible. I know about that and I can hold you in all those emotions because I’ve been there so many times myself.

The journey to the bottom of your soul is challenging and I ask you to give yourself a chance. Changes do not happen over night, and you often have to break through your own blockages and frustrations to receive the reward that lays on the other side.

If you really really feel that we are not a good fit you have the chance to terminate our contract until after the second session and receive the money back that you already payed in advance for the remaining sessions (not for the ones you already took).

If you wish to terminate our contract later let us work together to see if it is just an obstacle worth getting over or if ending our time together really makes sense at this point. If so you will receive 50% of your deposit for the left over session back.

I know all about resistance, believe me, and I know in 99% of the cases its worth getting over and sticking to the original plan! I would not be where I am today if I would have given up on myself when it became challenging…

I hold my sessions via zoom. You can download it for free at www.zoom.us

Sometimes having headphones with an integrated microphone can help to ensure better sound quality.

Other than that you just need your computer or mobile phone with a camera.

Please ensure privacy (as well sound privacy if possible) during our session and leave some room after to integrate.

Still got Questions?! Hit the button below and book your free exploratory coaching session.

You have nothing to loose.

Get to know me, let me answer all of your questions and let me show you how I can help you awaken to your Tantric Warrior nature.

You are worth the best support available to become the best version of yourself!


Let´s talk more about all this in person!