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Sacred Union – Transform your Relationship through Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

The Sacred Union is designed as a deep dive for conscious couples who desire to take their sexuality and their love life to the next spiritual level.

Learning the Art of Tantra is crucial for every couple who desires to build a conscious and lasting, supportive and sexually fulfilling relationship.

The Sacred Union invites you on a journey beyond your usual, old-fashioned way of understanding and living relationships as you got taught by the examples of your parents and the people around you when you were a child.

It gives you all the essential tools and techniques in the area of communication and connection, foreplay and sexuality that you need to create a fundamentally different relationship and sexuality on all levels.

No matter what it is you struggle with in your relationship and your sexuality – I want you to know that it is not carved in stone.

We just never learned the tools we need to create a deeply connected, supportive and fulfilling relationship reality.

A healthy relationship is both the most wonderful and the most challenging thing in this world.

A conscious love relationship is the biggest growth catalyst – a sacred bond between two free people who choose to walk the path of life together. Two people partnering up to inspire each other to greater amounts of joy and excitement and help each other heal everything that comes up through the millions of triggers a relationship provides as an invitation to go deeper with each other.

Unfortunately most relationships are operating on unconscious and old-school principles.

Getting stuck in patterns of unhealthy communication, holding old mistakes against each other and spiraling in arguments and power struggles

Often we silently suffer from misunderstandings, unfulfilled expectations or plain disrespect up until a point where we seriously start questioning if we want to stay together any longer.

And, of course, our sexuality suffers as well from all the unspoken hurt feelings and deep desires that we don´t know how to express to our partner.

For most people there is so much stress, anxiety, tension, fear, guilt and shame attached to what should actually be an experience filled with love and deeply pleasure-filled connection.

What most couples forget when it comes to sex is this:

Good sex starts way before we even think about taking our clothes off.

It starts with deep, open, honest and compassionate communication. It starts with seeing and worshiping our partner in their greatness and accepting and holding them in their weakness.

It starts with looking into each others eyes and souls. It starts with creating a safe space where we both feel safe to fully surrender.

The Benefits of Experiencing the Art of Tantra as a Couple

  • establishing meaningful and loving communication patterns
  • healing old wounds to create space for new experiences
  • creating freedom AND connection at the same time
  • experiencing intimate moments during sex and everyday life
  • deepening or restoring mutual trust
  • rekindling the sexual spark
  • upleveling your sex life from OK to WOW
  • gaining deep, mutual understanding for each other
  • creating a vision that will bind you together
Let’s talk about all this in person

There are two traditional ways of learning Tantra as a couple:

1. You learn alone at home with a book

You have a look around, decide for one of the many books around the topic and start reading it together.

Because Tantra is a very practical and experiential path these books are a little bit like cookbooks. Full of exciting recipes that sound delicious. But for the most part way too complicated and elaborate to try them out at home.

So you try the ones that feel doable a couple of times but you still have to look at the instructions in the middle of the practice and cannot really focus on your connection and your feelings.

Result: You don´t feel this is getting anywhere and after a few try outs that ended for the most part in confusion or frustration you default back into your sexual standard recipes. Especially after a full and exhausting day at work.

2. You learn in a group at a workshop

In this case you have a deliberate container to dive into. You have a teacher that guides you through the exercises so you can focus on your feelings and your connection. You certainly learn a lot more than through practicing by yourself with a book.

But it is definitely only a way for people who are comfortable with exposing themselves in their nakedness and sexuality in front of  a room full of strangers.

Result: If you overcame your hesitations of exposing yourself in a room full of strangers in the first place you will have learned a few new tools. But after the few days you are back to experimenting on your own. You haven´t gained a full understanding of Tantra and you have to deal with all the questions and the triggers that the exercises might bring up in you on your own.

For a long time these were the only ways available for a couple interested in learning Tantra – and I can tell you from my own experience:

If you decide for either of these traditional ways you will have to find your way through a lot of trial and error, confusion and frustration. Plus it might take you a few years to fully get the bigger picture.

It definitely is possible – but there is a new, much easier and faster way of receiving all the benefits of a deeper, more heartfelt and connected sexuality and love life.


What if …

you could have your personal Tantra teacher AND relationship coach right there with you in the bedroom? Giving you clear and detailed instructions and guiding you every step of the way and helps you to work through everything that comes up during the exercises.

… you would be able to follow a proven and easy step by step process over several weeks that covers all you need to know to truly make a difference in your sexuality and your love life?

… you could learn the deepest, most effective tools and techniques out there in the comfort of your own home?

As a traditional “in person person” I was really quite skeptical towards the idea of teaching Tantra online. But the more I dove into it the more I realized the incredible benefits it opens up to people who don’t feel that either of the traditional ways works for them.

With this new way there is no need to…

  • … look at any written instructions in the middle of the exercise.
  • leave the house and go anywhere.
  • share your intimate moments with strangers.
  • be seen in your nakedness and sexuality by your teacher.

Instead you can focus on …

  • … creating lasting change in your couples dynamic over several weeks
  • … combining high end coaching with learning a systematic approach to Tantra
  • … having your personal 1:1 teacher who holds you accountable to really do the practices
  • … healing old wounds and traumas as a couple as well as individually
  • … experiencing a fundamentally different way of looking at each other
  • … understanding how you can use your sexuality as a gateway to evolving spiritually together
  • … gaining a crystal clear understanding about Tantra so you can artistically play with it
  • … addressing uncomfortable topics in a healing and supportive way
  • honoring and worshiping each other as the incredible being you are
  • stepping out of argument spirals and power struggles and
  • opening your heart deeper and deeper for each other

Result: You experience a level of deep connection, love and vibrant sexuality like never before on a daily basis – in the bedroom and in your everyday life!

Let’s talk about all this in person

How All This Can Become a Reality in Your Relationship

The combined approach of discovering Tantric tools and techniques and healing relationship wounds through high end coaching leads to a massive shift in your relationship in just a few weeks.

Let´s first look at the Tantric tools and techniques you will learn

The Journey into Sacred Union is a systematic and structured process that integrates all of the essential Tantric principles and practices in a fun and playful way.

The process consists of three levels:

Level 1: Conscious Communication & Connection

The tools and techniques of Level I guide you step by step into creating a profound level of depth, connection and trust. This deep connection and trust is the rich soil in which the flower of your relationship can blossom and thrive.

Level 2: Conscious Sensuality & Foreplay

The exercises and explorations of Level II will teach you exquisite and delicious ways of exploring each others bodies and souls. Learning to surrender and fully open up to sensational pleasures is the groundwork for a deeply fulfilling sexuality.

Level 3: Conscious & Sacred Sexuality  

Conscious and sacred sexuality does not always have to be soft, slow and sweet. In Level III you will learn all about conscious and sacred sexuality in its soft & sweet and its wild & ecstatic forms.

Our Juicy Table of Content

Level I: Conscious Communication & Connection

Level II: Conscious Sensuality & Foreplay

Level III: Conscious & Sacred Sexuality


  • How to hold space for each other
  • Eye Gazing
  • Belly to Belly Breathing


  • Full Spectrum Conversation
  • Breathwork I: Sacrum Support
  • The 5 Love Languages


  • Exploring the different angles
  • Breathwork II: The Intimacy Activator
  • How to create ritual space


  • Meet my Inner Child
  • What can I offer you right now?
  • How to deal with your partners triggers


  • Embracing Surrender
  • 5 Senses Ritual


  • Breathwork III: Heart Breath
  • Yoni/Lingam (Genital) Massage


  • Stepping into the Male/Female Archetype
  • Genital Worship Ritual


  • Setting Boundaries
  • Sacred Powerplay


  • The Tantric View on Orgasm
  • Full Body & Valley Orgasm


  • Sex, Love, Spirit Breath
  • Sex, Love, Spirit Lovemaking


  • Primal Breath
  • Primal Lovemaking


  • Chakra Lovemaking
  • Sex Magic
Let’s talk about all this in person

Deep Healing through Integrated Relationship Coaching

Now let’s look at the healing and coaching aspect of this journey

The tools and techniques I will be teaching you are designed to take you deep. This can and will lead you into incredible moments of ecstasy and bliss that you have never experienced before in your life and in your relationship.

And it most likely will bring some stuff to the surface that was lingering in the shadows of your relationship waiting for the right moment to fuck up your love life.

First of all I want you to know that this is normal! Relationships, as I said before, are the most beautiful and the most challenging thing on this planet.

They are growth catalysts and they hit you where it hurts the most: In your abandonment wounds from your childhood. In the fear of loosing the most important person in your life. 

We are all carrying these wounds and have developed different strategies to cope with them. Some run away, some fight, some go into withdrawal, some numb out with addictions, some cheat on their partners, and so on and so forth.

The best Tantric exercises will not save your relationship if you refuse to look at the patterns that destroy your efforts of being a happy couple over and over again. But they will help you to integrate them! 


How it all works and what we will do together

In our time together we will meet weekly or bi-weekly – it’s up to you – for 2 hours and dive deep into your couples dynamic.

In the first hour we will heal and transform the relationship at its core by finding out all about your patterns and the wounds underneath them.

In the second hour I will teach you the tools and techniques you can use to create an even deeper connection full of trust, love, compassion, mutual understanding, sensuality, passion and ecstasy. 

You can choose if you want to take the whole journey at once or if you start with Level I only.

If you choose to take the full course at once you will receive my Tantra Essentials Online Course for individuals as a free bonus.

As I said earlier it´s super important that you each have your own individual practice so you train your energetic and your nervous system for the expanded pleasure you will experience with your partner through the Tantric exercises.  Read more about the free bonus here.

We will meet online via Zoom – a free program similar to Skype but better – where you have the possibility to switch off your webcam when you don’t want to be seen during an exercise. I will just be there giving you instructions and you can ask all your questions that I can answer in real time so you can adjust.

When it comes to the sexual practices I will only explain to you how the practice works, guide you through a preparation exercise and then leave you alone before you move into intercourse.

For every tool and technique you will receive a guided audio practice that helps you practice on your own again and again until you don´t need it anymore.

Overview: The Coaching Package includes:

  • weekly or bi-weekly, highly transformative 2 hour sessions

  • E-Mail or voicemail support, if you have any questions or need guidance in between sessions

  • All exercises, tools and techniques as guided audio practices to keep and practice with forever

  • Custom-tailored, supporting, joyful homeplay exercises between coaching sessions to deepen your transformation

  • Energetic distant healing to resolve and integrate energetic blockages

  • Love, understanding, support and unconditional acceptance for your individuality

  • Absolute confidentiality and reliability, so you feel completely safe to show yourself with everything there is

  • My expertise, my trained intuition and my wisdom from 7 years of spiritual practice, all my professional education and 6 years of Tantric healing work with hundreds of people

  • Methods that really work and act holistically on all aspects of your being

  • The Tantra Essentials Online Course for individuals as a bonus when you sign up for the whole journey at once.

Let’s talk about all this in person

You can book the Levels I, II and III separately starting with Level I and working your way up. But you cannot only book Level II or III separately because they are building up on each other.

You don’ “have to” do anything. At any time you choose what you are comfortable with and the stronger boundary of a partner is the one to be respected by everybody.

Most of the couples I work with choose to do certain things (like genital massage) with having the camera switched off but me being present and giving instructions.

You will never have intercourse with me being present as this is a professional boundary I am holding for myself.

The homeplay exercises are an important part of the coaching work. I will send you guided audio practices and meditations you can listen to and practice in between sessions to stabilize what you have accomplished in the session or to practice the Taotantric Arts on your own with my audio guidance.

You will keep the recordings forever so you can continue practicing even when our time together ends!

The investment per Level is $997. It’s not mandatory but I HIGHLY encourage to get the Tantra Essentials Online Course for individuals to practice in your own mind and body and bring your best self to the relationship.

If you book all Levels at once you will receive access to the Tantra Essentials Online Course (value: $222) for free as a bonus.

Yes, you can decide to pay every Level separately.

1. You send me a message that you are interested in the program here

2. We make an appointment for a free exploratory session where we can get to know each other and feel into if we want to work together. You can address every question you might have and decide at the end if we are a good fit.

3. If you decide for working with me I will enroll you into my system and we arrange the first session of our epic time together.

If not we had a beautiful conversation and you are left with some inspiration on how to go about your relationship in a deeper and more connected way.

To deal with one’s own sexuality and above all the shadow of one’s own sexuality can trigger all sorts of emotions. From anger to flight response everything is possible. I know about that and I can hold you in all those emotions because I’ve been there so many times myself.

The journey to the bottom of your soul is challenging and I ask you to give yourself and your system a chance. Changes do not happen over night, and you often have to break through your own blockages and frustrations to receive the reward on the other side.

If you really really feel that we are not a good fit you have the chance to terminate our contract until after the second session and receive the money back that you already payed in advance for the remaining sessions (not for the ones you already took).

If you wish to terminate our contract later let us work together to see if it is just an obstacle worth getting over or if ending our time together really makes sense at this point. If so you will receive 50% of your deposit for the left over session back.

I know all about resistance, believe me, and I know in 99% of the cases it’s worth getting over and staying with the original plan!

I hold my sessions via zoom. You can download it for free at www.zoom.us

Sometimes having headphones with an integrated microphone can help to ensure better sound quality.

Other than that you just need your computer or mobile phone with a camera.

Even more questions?

That’s totally normal. It’s a huge and very unusual thing in our society to invest time, energy and resources into learning about something that, according to most peoples opinion, “just should work by itself when you really love each other”.

In every other area we accept that we can learn more and expand our knowledge and wisdom about a topic. But with relationships and sexuality is supposed to work itself out – and if it doesn’t it means we fail or don’t love each other enough…

Just one of the many myths that society holds about relationships and sex.

So if you have any other questions – about the program or relationships and sexuality in general – just drop me a line and I am happy to hop on a call and help you out as best as I can!

I am excited to get to know you!

All Love
Lucya Lalita

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