Tantra Basics Series: Tantric Philosophies # 1

Tantra Basics Series #1 : Philosophies


Kinda everybody in the conscious community seems somewhat interested and kinda nobody really has a clue what it is all about.

Welcome to my Tantra Basics Series.

I am committed to demystify the word and make Tantra accessible and tangible for your everyday and your sex life.

Let´s start with some Tantric Philosophies to get a feel for what Tantra is beyond just “Better Sex”.

3 General Tantric Philosophies

1. Spiritual Awakening

Awakening means waking up to your true nature, your essence, that goes beyond your identity and what you have been taught you are.

You are not your body, not your thoughts, not your emotions.

You are the timeless and formless energy that experiences these things.

You are the presence within you, the consciousness within you, the awareness within you.

You are not distant to your experience – you are intimately connected to all of life. Yet the changes of energy is not what you are. It is what the true “you” – the eternal energy that goes beyond form – experiences.

Sitting in this ultimate truth is a fundamentally different approach to life.

It creates peace, wholeness and internal beauty. It makes you unfuckwithable and indestructable.

Everybody can access spiritual awakening when they commit to certain exercises and spending time in the realm of their true essence that goes beyond the physical form!

It is NOT only for a tiny percentage of the population.

Everybody who DESIRES to awaken will when they commit to it!

Tantra has been originally designed to give tools and techniques to householders and normal people who don´t have the time nor the desire to sit and meditate all day everyday.

Meditation is a gateway to spiritual awakening – and so is sexuality when it is done with awareness, consciousness and connectedness!

That sexuality and meditation have more in common than you might think yet will be addressed later in greater detail.

2. Liberation

Liberation means overcoming social conditioning that holds us back to express our true essence in and to the world.

We have created ideas about ourselves how we must or must not be to belong or to be safe or to be loved by our tribe, our family.

This limited idea of yourself is called your identity. What you truly are beyond and without all conditioning is called your essence.

Everything that did threaten to make you loose the love of your family got stuffed into the shadow corner of your identity.

We all have created our own prison of fear and taboo.

Liberation is a decision that needs to be made over and over and over again.

It is a process that happens gradually. It is important that we give ourselves time to unravel and unwind our conditioning!

Let´s look at it with an example: Your consciousness is not bound by the idea that sex is dirty.

We can drop deep within and feel for ourselves where this idea comes from and if it resonates with our innermost truth of who we are or want to be.

Most of our do´s and don´t come from what people have told us about life as children.

Now that we are adults we get to choose what we want to keep and what we want to liberate from!

There is a lot of energy bound in our taboos that, when set free, we can use for pursuing the things we desire to truly have and to truly feel in our life!

We can step out of our autopilot mode and make our own choices – but it needs a willingness to face the pain that comes with bringing light to our shadows and our fears!

Imagine conditioning as a whole bunch of malware and viruses that got installed to our internal hardware – our brain.

A lot of the Tantra and Coaching exercises, tools and techniques I am using are designed to help you unwind your conditioning and become who you were before the programming happened to you.

3. There is consciousness in everything

This is the Tantric Philosophy that made the biggest difference in my life once I started to truly embrace it.

There is a unifying consciousness in everything that holds this universe together.

Everything – even the worst crimes – are part of this unifying consciousness. Even if it is damn hard to believe and to open up our heart to this truth.

There are three stages of perception in the world. All of them are spiritual awakening stages you can experience through meditation.

There is a stage of uniqueness. This means we matter! We have no backup for ourselves. Nobody can do what we came here to do. Whatever this may be.

There is a stage of interconnectedness.

This means we are all sitting in the same boat – or in this case on the same planet.

There is a stage of connectedness to the formless ground of being.

This is called transcendence . In every spiritual tradition this fertile emptiness in which we can create and manifest what we desire is mentioned. Some call it void. Some call it nothingness. Some call it the quantum field. No matter how you like to call it. It is real and you are able to connect to and rest in it.

This is the realm where we can draw our creative ideas from. The ideas that want to be born through our uniqueness and shared through our interconnectedness.

All of these stages are valid in the Tantric tradition!

It is valid to express your uniqueness → You came here to do that!

It is valid to feel connected to the ones and the world around you → it is pure bliss and joy to be in that state with others.

It is valid to root yourself in the home of formless ground → it helps you to see, feel and experience the bigger picture, the frame that holds everything together. It comes with a lot of peace, groundedness and vast, relaxed, beautiful silence.

We are here to play with the totality of experiences and possibilities!

So far for part one of the Tantra Basics Series. I hope I was able to start shining some light on a few aspects of Tantra for you.

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All Love

Lucya Lalita




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