*** Sexual Empowerment – What it is and how to get it ***

*** Sexual Empowerment – What it is and how to get it ***

We live in the year 2019 and still men and women are sexually disempowered.

Not so much anymore through the direct influence of society, morals and religion. We did a good job to free ourselves from these shackles.

But still our inherited conditioning around sex runs deep in our psyche.

Still there is a lot of unspoken shame, fear, guilt and trauma present around sex. Still a lot of misunderstanding and still too little open conversation.

I mean REAL conversation that creates true intimacy amongst couples and in society. Vulnerable conversation like I am amazed to see it on my Facebook wall every day – knowing that this still is way too little!

Sexuality got impoverished through the reduction of it being solely a physical act.

Through being misused as an act of power over others. Through being something to consume rather than create and through being commercialized and turned into a marketing instrument.

I really get why a lot of women don’t enjoy sex that much – or not at all.

They are bored, frustrated, intimidated and many other things by it rather than excited and happy.

And alongside these women, as partners or friends, live a lot of men who are frustrated and confused about sex, too.

Really good and soul-shatteringly satisfying sex is so desperately desired by almost everybody and so out of reach for the vast majority of people in 2019.

And really, how can you be completely empowered around something when you don’t understand its deeper truth? Its true nature. Its true value and capacity. Its true power and nourishment.

We can never be fully sexually empowered as long as we buy into the impoverished collective narrative of sex being merely a physical act.


Tough statement – I know.

The reason I feel empowered to drop this bomb is because I have been on both sides of the sexual narrative.

I have lived the old paradigm of sex being a physical act and can be used to have power over others and to create advantages or fill holes that are otherwise hard to fill (pun intended)

And I am tapping more and more into the new paradigm of sex being a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. A connector between the physical and the energetic realms. A prayer and a praise to spirit or god. A dance with creation. An enhancer of creative life force energy.

Sex can be all of this and so so much more – If you know how to access its true potential!

Only then will you start to become fully sexually empowered. And with full sexual empowerment comes full personal and spiritual empowerment.

Because sex lays at the root of creation. Literally.

We all are created through sex (even If we don’t like to think about that) and sex is the rawest, most dense form of our life force energy that carries us through life and keeps our atoms in shape!

I have lived the disempowered narrative for around 25 years. And since 7 years I am tapping into the new.

Oh man, what a journey!

Overcoming sexual trauma, fear, pain, addiction and speechlessness. Stopping to misuse its power and using it more and more as an ally on my healing journey.

This morning I woke up with huge anxiety in my heart. After making love to my partner it was gone fully. 90% in the first 10 minutes and the last 10% through the orgasmic relief 20 minutes later.

My body, mind, heart, spirit and soul were in perfect alignment again and I was so motivated and ready to face the day.

Most people have no effing clue what they are missing out on.

And still most people react to learning about Tantra somewhat like “Thanks, but my sex life is just fine.”

Just fine. Yes, I believe that. And if “just fine” is enough for you I won´t bother you with the possibility of upleveling your sexual and your whole life experience.

IF you should have a deeper desire for tapping into your sexual empowerment I invite you wholeheartedly to join the next round of my online course “Tantra Essentials”.

Tantra and sexual empowerment is nothing we can learn in our heads. We need to go deep into our own bodies and psyches to find the truth of who we are and the truth of what sexuality is right there.

Once we have found it everything changes! Not only your sexual experience.

You can find out more about the course here

All Love
Lucya Lalita

Ps: The course is for individuals. You do not need a partner for Tantra. But you can take the course together with your partner as an individual preparation for the upcoming couples course I will create and launch in autumn.


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