*** Re-defining Self-pleasure ***

**** Re-defining Self-pleasure ****


What is the first thing that springs to your mind when you hear the word self-pleasure?

If you are anything like me it is all about touching your genitals – preferably to the point where you give yourself a nice, luscious orgasm.

Over the course of last year I learned a thousand exciting ways to self pleasure and I had to do it 5 times a week as part of my graduation requirements.

Sounds like a dream to some of you, I guess…

But lately – I am just not feeling it…

Okay, to be perfectly honest with you it was wayyyyyy too much self-pleasure for me in this course and I did not feel nearly as much urge or desire to do it as often as I “had to”.

But now the course is over and I don´t have to anymore I don´t feel like doing it at all…

Actually it is not really the lack of desire to self-pleasure that I feel bothers me the most but the feeling of “I am a sex coach and a Tantra teacher, I should want to do it all the time.”

And whenever there is a should I really get curious about the issue…

Luckily I work with one of the best coaches in my industry and I had the chance to address this in our coaching session this morning.

She guided me into a “Yoni Talk” – an exercise where you give a voice to your pussy and channel what she has to say to that matter (you can do it with a cock, too).

So here is what my pussy told me:

“I am a part of a whole body. I am even a part of a system that is far greater than just a body.

I am part of the wholeness that is you.

You are doing SUCH a great job with your self-pleasuring and nourishing the whole system.

You go and have ice cream almost every day. And these delicious cup cakes and all the fruit that you have for breakfast! Yummi!

You sit at the lake and watch the sun glistening on the water whilst feeling the sun on your skin.

You give and receive at least 10 hugs a day – long hugs full of love and friendship.

You follow your highest passion moment to moment.

You meditate.

You get all the sleep you need.

You fill your day with laughter and smiles and love and friendship and pleasure and passion of all kinds.

You invited beautiful men and women into your sacred space and shared amazing intimate moments with them – with and without physical orgasms.

You can reach energetic orgasms just by focusing, breathing and moving energy in your system.

Your dance is more liberated and juicier than ever.

Now you tell me why you should have a desire for physical self pleasure when every second of every minute of your day is lit up with goodness?”

Wow, Pussy, thank you for your wisdom! You are so damn right!

Even though I am all about liberating your sexuality, giving yourself the most delicious touches you desire and being your own best lover it is certainly not the only thing in our life that is able to provide us with pleasure.

Tantra is not only about sex. Tantra is a way of life!

Don´t make sex and orgasm your only source of pleasure!

Go and find AS MANY SOURCES OF PLEASURE as possible throughout your day. Use your senses as the gateways to heaven on earth which connect your outer universe with your inner universe and fill yourself up with little and big moments of goodness as often as you can.

You are worth it! You deserve it!

Happiness is a choice! Pleasure is a choice! Make that choice

With Love

Lucya Lalita

Ps: Being a source of pleasure for others can be an incredible source of pleasure for yourself as well!


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