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Poems and Thoughts

Next to blogging and personal transformation one of my big passions is writing poems and giving my thoughts a nice and accessible form. Between 2000 and 2008 I wrote over 120 poems to process my traumas and heal my childhood wounds. It was a big part of my healing and to conclude this process I burned them all in 2014.

Here I share with you some of my newer poems from 2012 onwards. They are still helping me to process stuff but they are a lot more optimistic and with a brighter outlook to the future. I am sharing with you deep insights, hopes, longings and over and over again: Love – the North Star and the guiding principle of all my actions!

May one or the other find themselves in my words and receive hope, love, positivity and inspiration from it.

Who is I?

You ask me who I am
my friend
I am the nothing
in the everything
I am divine, infinite light
wrapped in flesh and skin

You like me
or you like me not
but please don´t take this error
all of what you see is you
I am just your mirror

Do you really think that I
exist outside of you?
I have to say: that´s wrong, my friend
Here´s the amazing truth:

Like cells are in a body
and ants are in their hill
bound are we so we be whole
and follow a higher will

May I be heart and you be brain cell
and others be the hand…
We need every one of us
to make the suffering end…

Realizations of a starlit night

Slow down –
do it “right” –
be impeccable –
love –
everything –

Trust the process of divine unfolding in divine timing –
prioritize –
follow your heart –
every step of the way –
love some more –
especially that what is the hardest to love –

When you fall out of love do something to shift back in –
only you know what this is –
breath –
step out of your own way –
breath some more –

Meditate on spaciousness –
enjoy to go wild

be NowHere –
love some more –
especially yourself –

Have patience –
don´t give a FUCK what other people think –
let them have their process –
love some more –

Realize that everyone is greater than you think –
go to glow –
overflow –
realize that everything is in perfect divine order –
nothing needs to be fixed –
not even you…

Follow your joy –
know your reason –
detox from social media –
! –
smoke a joint –
or have a glass of wine –
or both –
enjoy the tension –
embrace growth opportunities –

Drink more cacao –
the real one –
meet your own needs –
you are worthy –
! –

Have gratefulness as your mantra –
love the questions –
enjoy the ride –
welcome every challenge as chance –
trust –
trust some more

Find the formless ground within –

this is what you are…

Nomad again

Being nomad again

Nomad, my friend

Having no home

No possession

No roots

Just wings

and good intentions

Just a dream

that to become reality

is unclear

and at the same time

the most certain thing of all

Just directions

and no map at hand

because the way I go

is unexplored

until I make it known

Just companions

and no one bound to my side


because one never knows

where the wind will carry us

You may think I am crazy

and just a crazy freak…

Butt didn´t I tell you, my friend?

I am finally no mad again?

This is me

Career-obsessed and scandalous

delightful and miraculous

generally wonder-full

sorry – not refundable

My loving heart

is wide wide open

No wonder

it was often broken

The flow of life carries me steady

always always towards light

word and deed is in alignment

when fireworks exploding bright

Infinite energy

butterfly beautifully

dances in the sparkle rain

with a bottle of champagne

Brave, so brave she goes ahead

Comfort zone stretching

All layers are shed

She´s not obeying to your rules

She´s making up her unique ones

May it be rhyme schemes, life or love

Main thing is she´s having fun!

Take me or leave it

but make up your mind

And if you don´t want me

Go out of my sight

Let me be a riddle to you

A riddle with no wrong or right

When the day embraces night

Clear Vision

Strong light

Great Powers


Joy and Pain

almost the same

both can make you cry

Find your way

Never stay

When the day

embraces night

Let it lay

your head to rest

on warm and cosy hay

Feel the heat

Feel the beat

Be concrete

And still like water


All the way

Always stay

When the day

embraces night

And soon again

we see another

Ray of sunny light