Poem: The messenger

The messenger

I m no master I know nothing
I am definitely still young…

But I am a servant
and I know something

I know that I will use my sharp tongue

In service to those who cannot speak up
for themselves and their innermost rights

for various reasons
the world lays in darkness

But we have the power to bring it all to the lights

Not a master but surely a messenger
I came here to speak my truth

Not a master but surely a wisdom keeper
Not keeping it secret but sharing to sooth

To the hearts that are aching
To the minds that are worried

I came here to speak today

Keep up the faith
Keep up the trust

The new world is already well on its way!

We will dance on the ruins
of this obsolete system

We will depose our rulers
and no one will miss them

We will build our gardens
where their mansions were standing

We will build a new structure
Where the heart is commanding

We will finish in this lifetime
what we have begun

I am affirming hereby:
It is already done!

So let´s gather together
let us stand strong

Let´s stand side by side
together as one!


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