**** Next stop: Panajachel – What, Where, Why and WTF ****

**** Next stop: Panajachel – What, Where, Why and WTF ****


Ohhhh my sweet baby Jesus! The speed with that time passes is outrageous, scandalous even…

Yesterday it was 3 weeks before I would leave San Marcos to move to Panajachel and now I am here.

3 days earlier even because my effing landlord messed up the date where I said I would move out…

But actually – after the initial shock – I am really happy to be here a few days earlier.

To finally have a clear cut and stop commuting between Pana and San Marcos.

Energy speaks clearly to me these days and I strongly feel that spirit wants me here – at least for now.

After all we have SHIT TO DO here! LOTS of REALLY REALLY COOL shit!

I am very excited about our To-Do List as you can tell – but first things first.

Panajachel is the capital of the lakeside villages and about 20-30 minutes boat ride away from the chill, mostly car-free and super laid back hippie headquarter San Marcos which was my home for the last 4 months.

Pana is compared to San Marcos super loud, hectic, full and messy. So why the F would I move here when San Marcos is actually so much more “my town”?!

Because it is the proper atmosphere for getting shit done and jumping into creation mode!

What actually was the trigger for wanting to come here was meeting my new partner, Joe, about 3 weeks ago.

He lives here since 2 years and has a very cool lab for virtual reality, food alchemy and start-up consulting. It is the house on the picture.

When we met – apart from rising madly in love with each other – we realized how much we can support each other with the different types of wisdom and knowledge that we have acquired during our 31 years on this planet.

He wants to dive deeper into Tantra, personal and spiritual development and I want to push my business forward and find investors and fundings for creating the community in Peru.

He wants to build a school for human potential and I want to help people develop their potential.

We both agree on seeing too much potential laying dormant in too many people.

So our creation list that we have outlined for our 5 weeks together is divided into 6 fields:

Business Pitching

Community Pitching and Planning

Food Alchemy

Video Recording and Editing

Tantra, Spiritual Development + Inner Work


The list has 38 points in total divided into these 6 categories.

To make it look less intimidating I added the category “Joy and Recreation” – it has 4 points 🙂

And you know what: We are both so excited about all the things on our list that we feel energized and lit up by the sheer joy of creating together that each and every point feels like “Joy and Recreation”!

To be honest – the category “Video” is still the one that scares me the most – but once I get over that I will be unstoppable!!!!!

After our 5 week intensive we will travel together to Columbia for the rainbow gathering where I will teach Tantra alongside my good friend and fellow student in the School of Tantra Movement.

So stay tuned for:

My first YouTube Video Series “Tantra Basics”

A few talks about different topics that Joe and I have planned to record

My free Mini E-Book “How to turn Ordinary Sex into Conscious Lovemaking”

My Online Course that has all the tools, techniques and exercises to make the theory of the E-Book a lived reality in your bedroom

Lots of Tinctures, Ferments, Ghees and other Healthy Yummies

The release of my new website

And, of course, lots more shares about my adventures.


All Love

Lucya Lalita

Ps: By writing Love my writing program now automatically writes Lovemaking – guess what I have written about in here the most these last few days 🙂


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