*** My Tantric Morning Ritual – plus some pictures from the lake ***

**** My Morning Ritual ****


A few days ago I shared the view from my morning meditation place on Lake Atitlan.

I have no words for how much of a difference my hour of morning meditation makes in my life.

No matter how grumpy I wake up – when I come back from there I am in BLISS!!!!

So I thought I share with you what I do after my lovely companion made this amazing picture from me today 🙂

I go there right after waking up.

I first roll out my yoga mat and do a bit of stretching, breathing, sounding and shaking to wake up my body and my spirit.

Then I connect with the elements 

around me – water, earth, air and sun/fire in the volcanos and inside – blood, breath, body and spirit.

I give thanks 🙏 to each of them. I feel the gratitude of being alive.

Then I connect with the inner smile in my heart and bring it to my face.

I just sit there and smile.

I fill up with love and light and I radiate it from the inside out.

I let this love and light flow to all my friends and all the places I ever visited.

And then to all my friends that I have not yet or will never meet and all the places I have not yet or will never visit.

Then I connect to each of my energy centers, my chakras, and thank them.

I invite them to clear out all that does not serve me anymore and to fill up with all that they need to radiate in perfect harmony. One by one

Sometimes I sing some mantras for Ganesha or Lalita.

I enjoy the blessings that rain down on me and I enjoy the blessings that radiate from my 💞 into the world.

I end by standing in the lake connecting once again with all the elements at once.

Feeling the bliss and the blessings of being alive.

I give thanks once more.

I invite their blessings into my system. I send blessings to the tasks of my day and the encounters I will have.

I go home and start my work day.

If you tune in you can feel the radiance and blessings I create all my posts and my offerings with…

I love you – each and every one.

Close or far. Known or unknown. Understanding me or not.

And I know your higher self is receiving it. And does with that energy that I send out what is in highest alignment for your personal journey.

With Love

Lucya Lalita

Ps: What about you?!

Do you have a morning ritual?

If so, how does it look like?

If not – why not?????

PSS: Here is the picture of the view from my morning meditation spot at the lake

And this is a picture from my outdoor office from where I write from my heart to yours!



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