**** Meet my intimate tribe ****

**** Meet my intimate tribe ****


A lot of you know that I am favoring polyamorous over monogamous relationships.

But only few of you know that by now I share my life with 3 men and soon will be on the road through central America and build up my conscious community in Peru with at least 2 of them…

I am INSANELY in love with these 3 souls and yesterday night I got the impulse to share about my happy, healthy poly tribe to take a stand for nonmonogamous relationships.

1. So first meet my incredible soulmate and companion over many many lifetimes whom I am deeply devoted to in this incarnation since two years.

He is incredibly intelligent, a hard worker, a biologist and permaculture designer and since day 3 we were sure to go together to Peru to build our community (he is half Peruvian by the way).

Our relationship is of the most exquisite spiritual, energetic and soul-connected nature.

Our paths are deeply aligned to create something big and wonderful on this planet!

He helps me to fulfill my souls mission.

2. Second meet my sweet and sexy lion (the beard!!) with the most amazing patience when it comes to sensuality and worshipping my exquisite human form.

I met him in Berlin February 2018.

It first started out as being just lovers and over time it transitioned into a committed relationship where we serve each other as crystal clear mirrors and offer reflection and pointing out blind spots.

He is a Coach, too, and it is wonderful to have a companion with whom I share both exquisite Tantric experiences and the path of being an entrepreneur and coach.

Our relationship nature is those of unifying strong masculine and feminine energies.

He helps me to surrender and to feel my feminine energy very strongly.

3. Last but certainly not least meet the newest member of our tribe whom I have met just over 3 months ago at the European Rainbow Gathering in Poland.

He is a true conscious warrior, a modern day viking, covered in rune tattoos and other body modifications.

He is strong and fierce and bold and beautiful.

He was more or less immediately accepted in the tribe by my long term partner who was with me at the time and jumped head first into the idea of joining us to Peru to build the community with us, giving up his original plan to become an Arborist in his Swedish home country.

He is a permaculture designer just like the first one.

Our relationship nature is best described by the archetypes of the goddessqueen and her knight from the matriarchal era.

But with a lot more edge than cheesy romance.

He helps me to feel safe and fully seen in my goddess power and my greatness.

Now you know whom I am sharing my life with!

I introduced them to you in the order I got to know them.

It does not say anything about my feelings as they are equal yet totally different and it feels like I share a whole universe with each of them.

To bring these different universes together soon makes me both excited and nervous AF…

But I know and trust that love will be always stronger than other emotions – at least over the long run!

10 years ago I committed to following my heart and accepted that I am more made for the beauty and challenges that come with poly relationships than those that come with mono relationships.

I am not here to convince anyone and I certainly stopped thinking that everybody who is living mono is living a lie.

I thought that first because I certainly was living a lie in my mono relationships – and I know a lot of people are.

But I know that it is the right thing for a lot of people who are rather made for immersing themselves into just one committed relationship.

I am not here to convince – I am here to expand and inspire and I stand for tolerance towards all chosen sexual orientations, genders and relationship styles!

Every single individual has to listen deeply and find what feels most aligned for them!

I am happy and excited that you have met my partners now and I am excited AF to soon be exploring the most magical places together as a tribe.

Plus I am excited to welcome more people and expand the tribe by them finding other significant others as well.

If you have questions I am here for you to answer


Lucya Lalita


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