**** Market day in Panajachel ****

**** Market day in Panajachel ****


I recently moved over to Panajachel, the capital of the lakeside villages here at Lake Atitlan.

I came here to realize some projects with my new partner before I disappear into the Peruvian jungle.

Sunday is the big market day here at my new home around the lake.

But I am very happy that not only Sunday is market day.

It is just even bigger than on all the other days.

Why I love the markets in Panajachel much much more than the ones in Morocco where I really felt sociophobic and anxious?

Because of the atmosphere, of course.

And when I thought about the differences I really felt it has to do with 95% of the sellers being women.

Women of all ages…

Basically the opposite of how it was in Morocco.

The energy is so different on these markets.

I really felt uncomfortable by how the men offered their goods.

They perfected the dubious art of energetically drawing you in from a distance.

They were super friendly at the beginning, offering free tea and starting to tell their life stories.

Then they offered their goods and somehow managed to make me feel super uncomfortable when I did not want to buy anything.

After a few days I avoided going to the market, let alone going there by myself.

Here in Pana I go to the market every day by myself to shop for breakfast stuff and i LOVE it.

I absolutely love it! I would not let my partner do the shopping.

Of course the people offer their goods as well and try to sell as much as possible.

But the atmosphere is always so smiley, friendly, lovely and warm that it is a sheer pleasure to do my shopping there.

My basic Spanish is sufficient for a little chitchat with the lady where I buy my papaya and bananos (yes, bananOs ) and the about 90 year old woman where I get my free range eggs from is touching my heart every time I see her.

The whole family works together and the atmosphere is one of friendship, acceptance, warmth and friendly buzz instead of competition and manipulation.

I always come back with a better mood than I left – even when I already felt splendid.

And this is how I feel most mornings when I am in Pana.

New relationship energy and such…

I am very happy I can heal my almost traumatic street market experience with these gorgeous women here in Guatemala!

I really needed to share that with you guys and just celebrate these women and the amazing atmosphere they create!

In the next days I will write about the new projects and why and how they both challenge and excite me like crazy! 

All Love
Lucya Lalita


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