*** Love is a choice – how to choose it ***

**** Love is a choice ****

It is so EASY to love people! At least 98% of them – still working on the last 2% 🙂

No really – I walk down the street, I look into peoples eyes, I look into peoples hearts and all I see is an incredible amount of potential!!!!

Often a potential that is still hidden behind a wall of self-doubt, inner criticism, learned smallness, habitual inner light hiding and an incredible amount of FEAR…

Fear to be themselves – fear to not belong – fear to not be loved – fear to offend other people with their light – fear to be seen – fear fear fear fear fear…

This fear expresses in a variety of ways – may it be social anxiety and shyness or outward projected aggression and violence.

I feel this fear in these people – and in the past it often felt like it was MY fear…

But it was not.

I am an Empath – means I read and feel other peoples emotions as if they were my own – but they are not mine.

Now that I know and can consciously choose to read people without eating and internalizing their emotions I CAN CHOOSE TO LOVE THEM!

And it is incredible what happens when fear is met with love!

When we offer people a reflection of their inner light through our own inner light we give them the PERMISSION TO SHINE!

We tell them energetically: Look, it is SAFE to shine! Look, it is so much more FUN to shine! Look, life is BEAUTIFUL and so are you!

I have not always felt that way!

The first twentysomething years I seriously hated most people.

Seriously hated them for their fuckedupness, their thoughlessness, their ignorance, their violence, their weakness, their fear!

So how dafuck did my inside change SO MUCH that now instead of hating 98% of the people I effortlessly LOVE 98% of the people?

It changed right there – in my inside!

It changed by making a commitment to LOVE MYSELF and not only the parts that are easy to love but ALL THAT I AM!

The more – over the years – I reprogrammed and rewired my board computer aka brain and rewired my nervous system from fear, doubt, guilt and shame to love, safety and belonging the more I was able to have compassion for my fuckedupness, my thoughtlessness, my violence, my weakness and my fear!

The more I was able to have compassion for myself the more I was able to have compassion for others!

My ability to love others was really growing in the same amount than my self-love was growing!

1% more self-love = 1% more love for others!

I really have come a long way with that!

Today I share with my brothers and sisters the tools and techniques that help them to love themselves.

But not only that.

I share my own journey as an example and an inspiration.

If I was able to do it – with all my self hatred and hate for others and the world that I was carrying for such a long long time – YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!

And I am by far not at the end of this journey towards radical self-love, self-acceptance and self-compassion and therefore not at the end of my journey towards unconditional love, acceptance and compassion towards others.

I fall in and out of love about 20 times a day.

But I have realized one thing that helps me tremendously on this journey:


What about you?!

Do you choose to love people despite their fuckedupness?

Do you choose to love YOURSELF despite your own inner fuckedupness?

What would you need to make that choice more often?



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