*** Ladies, take responsibility for your dating and $€× life! ***

*** Ladies, take responsibility for your dating and $€× life! ***

I am sick and tired of the old “mating in captivity” game.

Sick and tired of men turning into dancing monkeys and women being (sexually and emotionally) frustrated!

Our society is completely out of balance! In so many aspects – and our dating life is no exception to this rule!

Men are highly confused and insecure as to how, when and if to approach a woman – especially after #metoo.

And we women are more than just slightly responsible for this!

It’s not your FAULT, dear sister – nor is it the man’s fault. But it is your RESPONSIBILITY to change the status quo!

The societal status quo is that man approach and women are to be approached.

Because #patriarchy

Slut shaming, good girl syndrom, patterning, etc.are symptoms of this culture.

We have not been socially allowed to approach men for the longest time of our modern history!

BUT women are on the rise! In each and every aspect of their life!

Except that one…

And I get it! I truly do. The fear of going against the status quo in this aspect was and sometimes still is certainly one of the hardest things to overcome. These patterns run deep!!!

But you know what?! Same goes for guys! The fear of a NO! The insecurity. The I don’t know how and what to say.

So unfair to sit back, let them do the work and complain if they don’t do it as you please!

It’s easy to complain that there are no “real men” out there anymore.

It’s like critizising a picture when you never painted one yourself.

Make it better first – this keeps you busy from judging others!

And you know what?!

If you go out there and do this you have one HUGE advantage.

Not many women do it so that you do it in and of itself is appreciated by most If not all men.

Even If they don’t show it or feel intimidated. And If they feel intimidated – do you want him anyways?

All it needs to approach a man is a smile and an ” Hi, what’s up?”

Don’t be offended when he is startled at first because he most likely never ever got approached…

A few icebreaker questions like “How did you end up here?” “Are you from here?” etc. and a handful of courage is all you need.

So please, sisters, take responsibility for your dating (and s x) life!

Men, would you enjoy to get approached more often and If so, how?

Girls, have you ever approached a man and how was your success?

All Love as always
Lucya Lalita


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