**** It´s over and I am so done with it! ****

**** It´s over and I am so done with it! ****


Hey ya´ll! I have a very sad yet a very celebratory ending to share with you.

Most of you know that I have spend 20+ hours a week over the course of this year to become a Tantric Sex, Love and Relationship Coach with the wonderful and most amazing teacher Layla Martin and 200+ most amazing fellow goddesses.

!!!!! This program is now officially over !!!!!!

Still super hard to believe after all we have been through together!

No more new content every week.
No more interactive calls to drop my questions, clear my fears and celebrate my successes.
No more coaching development calls with the most amazing Shelby Leigh and Laura Lieske Weber
No more “I can´t make it to the party tonight. I have to self-pleasure for my graduation” (Best excuse for an introvert to not go to a party – ever!)

But apart from that – nothing changes…

Still the sisterhood remains
Still I have a hell of a lot left for my final graduation
Still I will have access to the content forever and will certainly at least one more time go over each and every module to study them even deeper – and deeper – and deeper.
Still I am learning, growing, face challenges and keep on loving myself – deeper and deeper and deeper – forever!

A life without learning is impossible for me. Stagnation equals death…

I am looking back with one eye laughing and one eye crying to a year full of growth, celebrations, clearings, desires, challenges, successes, new friends, questions, answers, even more questions, new transmissions,incredible transformations and comfort zone stretches to the max…

I am immensely grateful for EVERYTHING I went through in this year.

To my teacher(s), my sisters, my self, my higher self who guided me into that program and the support of my closest friends and partners – for their love, encouragement and understanding that I prioritize my studies in this year and give 120% to become the best coach I can possibly be!


Popping the champaigne bottle and drying the tears in my eyes – and realizing today is business as usual here in San Marcos.

Having client session, writing content, going for my morning meditation to the lake, holding myself with deep compassion, giving myself credit for all the challenges I face and being fiercely dedicated to my growth!

Thanks ya´ll for celebrating along!!!!

With Love

Lucya Lalita


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