*** Inner child care made REAL ***

**** Inner child care made REAL****


Inner child care is trendy.

You hear it everywhere and everybody tells you to care and comfort your inner child.

But only very few people tell you HOW the fuck to do it and not get stuck in a mental concept where you “think nice words to your inner child” but don´t really feel and get the magic of it…

When I was preparing for my flight to LA and to Mexico the last days I had to take my inner child with me all the way.

When I was 5 years old I got lost at an airport because – as always – something caught my interest and I stopped and my parents did not notice it right away, went through an automatic door that closed behind them and they were gone…

This is one of my earliest memories and one of my earliest traumas at the same time…

Even today the time on the airport freaks me out more than the time actually flying… So here is what I did to sooth this inner child part of me – because of course she is who is freaking out and not the grown up part in me…

1. Separate your inner child and your grown up internally

This means realizing that the part who freaks out is the inner child and stopping to BE that part.

Instead SEE that part and FEEL that part. For me it was this fluttering and contracted feeling in my heart.

2. Empower the part of you that is able to handle the situation

Find where this part lives in your body and step consciously into that grown up, capable and strong part of yourself.

My grown up, capable woman lives in my heart as well (they can live in the same place and reveal themselves as different sensations) but a little higher and I feel her as powerful and forward going.

3. Act as if you were a little mental

For me in such situations it is easiest when I project my inner child out of my body and literally hold her hand as if I would have a “real” child with you. I could even feel an energetic little hand in my hand.

Speak to this child as if you are speaking to a real child that is under your care.

I told my little one all the way things that she needed to hear to feel seen, cared for and protected.

I explained to her all the steps that we are going through like the check in and the security check and I was super friendly and smiley towards everyone so that nothing bad came back to me.

I told her “See, these people are all super friendly and just help us on the way to be safe. They are like angels protecting the gates of heaven. I love you and you are all safe here with me.

It was helping for a few minutes and then the fluttering feeling in my heart started again.

I knew from that sign that she started worrying again so I spoke to her again.

I told her “Look, we have another 2 hours before the boarding. So there is no chance to miss the flight. I made sure we were here super early and all is planned very well. Our flight is on time. We are here. All is good. I love you!”

When we took off from the earth to the sky I had a very happy and excited little girl sitting on my lap and we both landed safely here in beautiful Merida!

So next time you feel nervous about a social event, a journey, a job interview, whatever makes you nervous really – try this out for yourself. It helped me tremendously in realizing I am very well capable of whatever comes my way when I do not let my inner child run the freak out show.

What about you?!

Do you have a good connection to your inner child?

In which situations do you let your inner child run the freak out show?

What would your inner child need to hear to keep calm?

With Love

Lucya Lalita


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