*** How to stay shifted after a massive breakthrough ***

**** How to stay shifted after a massive breakthrough ****


Does this sound familiar?

You have been to an amazing retreat, conference or yoga class, had a breakthrough coaching session or attended a personal or spiritual growth seminar and you truly feel it will change your life FOREVER!

You will never be the same again and what you have seen and learned there is a priceless gift of the creator delivered to you by eternal divine grace!

But as soon as you are back – or a few days later – the same old shit story continues – like nothing happened…

Can´t tell you how many freaking times I have been exactly there – disappointed and entirely frustrated with both myself, the world and most of all this constant desire to shift without the possibility of staying shifted.

So what was it that REALLY helped me eventually to stay in the shifts I accomplished after the amazing retreats, seminars and classes?

I figured out that THREE THINGS have been key for keeping the accomplished shift.

1. Having a supportive NETWORK

This one is so so key for staying on track with your shifts!

When a drug addict goes into rehab and then moves back into his old environment it is almost impossible to stay with the shift that happened in rehab!

We need NEW PEOPLE that match our new vibration and frequency and that radically support us in our shift instead of pulling us back into the same old story.

Sometimes we even need a new home (I certainly needed it a few times!)

We are habitual beings and often run our life on autopilot – if you keep everything as it is you will most likely fall back. And this leads us to Nr. 2:

2. Develop supportive routines and habits

Its great that you have meditated, done yoga or conscious breathing every day for the last 5 days in that retreat – but do you really believe you can stay in the shift without continuing the things that shifted your experience in the first place?!

Nope – sorry to disappoint but you gotta stay on track and KEEP DOING what you have done to initiate the shift!

Its best to do it every day at the same time – either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Or both, ideally – but let´s face it:

Even to keep up with it once a day is hard enough…

Its super important to not get discouraged when you fall off the horse. New day new chance to jump on again!

3. Say goodbye to outdated things and people that no longer match your new vibration

This is a consequence you have to take if you are really serious about your shift. It is not only important to establish the new but as well to say goodbye to what does not fit into our shifted life.

May it be old friends or old habits that keep pulling you back. You gotta let go!

I know it hurts.

From the people I spent almost 10 years with during my “Gothic Years” only 2 are left I have contact with about once a year.

I still love them dearly but we have nothing in common any more.

If I would have stayed with them for comfort and security I would not have shifted so quickly and sustainably.

Same with clothes, books, memories, furniture, pictures, jobs, etc…

NOTHING I own is older than 3 years. Because I constantly shift and constantly need to adjust myself and the things around me.

We have to make room for the new by saying goodbye to the old – not just adding stuff into our anyway overfull life.

It breaks my heart when I see people shift massively just to see them fall back a few days or weeks later – because they do not take the consequences to stay in the shifted self.

EXTRA $1000 TIP: See picture

Transformation does not happen over night.

Stay on track, jump back on the horse when you fell off, keep doing the things you need to do and trust the process. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF!

What about you?!

What do you need to get rid of or add to your life to stay in the shift?

What can you add or get rid of TODAY?

With Love

Lucya Lalita


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