*** How to master the art of Tantra ***

**** How to master the art of Tantra ****


Today I had a conversation with a woman telling me that this whole Tantra stuff does not work for her.

No really – she tried it so often with her partner but keeps falling back into old habits of pleasing him while ignoring herself.

Yes, of course, she read all the common books about it and even tried out a few of the exercises but no – nothing really worked for her.

I asked her if she ever did a dedicated, committed month long daily practice.

Even though we were just chatting I could literally see her surprise on the other side of the screen.

No, of course she had not.

And I totally get it – I really do!

I am the most resistant creature of them all when it comes to commitment to my practices.

That´s why I still haven´t learned to play the guitar – nor any other instrument.

And when I did my two year long psychotherapy process I did maybe a tenths of what I should or could have done in terms of practicing the tools I got taught (I still got so so so much healing from this work and will be forever grateful for it!)

So doing the work a few times and then deciding it does not work for you is like picking up the guitar a few times and then deciding you are just not born to play the guitar and it does just not work for you…

Why and how have I then mastered my Tantric skills to a pretty decent amount where I feel comfortable teaching and coaching around one of the most sensitive topics ever?

I worked with it professionally almost daily for over two years.

As soon as I did my Tantric Massage Therapy Course I started working with it in a shared practice where I had clients at least 4 times a week.

I worked with the sexual energy of nearly 100 different people.

By doing that I learned to refine my skills not only in terms of massaging but as well my intuition, my feeling for energies, my own techniques of breathwork and sound to distribute energy through the body.

Does this mean for you the only chance you have to learn Tantra is to work professionally with it?! Of course – not!

Would I have done the same thing with only myself and the help of a few retreats to learn with others I would most definitely be at about the same level of mastery of my skills.

Not able to teach or coach but if that is not what you want to do anyway there is no need for you to work with it.

Working with it was simply a way for me to stay on track with my learnings because I otherwise would have probably given up too early.

Too early to really get it.

Too early to really feel it.

Too early to discover all the gems that the Tantric Teachings have to offer!

And you know what?

This would have been an absolute SHAME!

Accountability is one of the main reasons people decide to get coaching around a certain topic – or do therapy or go to yoga classes or hire a guitar teacher.

You can find a lot of exercises in a ton of books, videos, blogs and courses – but will you commit to do them long enough to actually get out of it what you wanted?!

Be honest.

Because if you would you belong to a really rare species of human beings!

For all of us other not so advanced beings it really helps to have an accountability partner who will kick our ass in the most loving way if we hit a wall of resistance.

If you are really serious about mastering the art of sexual energy and everyday ecstasy it really really helps to have someone not only teaching you the techniques (like in a weekend long retreat) but also someone who holds you accountable and helps you to get over your blockages and resistances – because they will come up if you want it or not.

All Love

Lucya Lalita


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