*** How to invite more presence into your life ***

*** How to invite more presence into your life ***

As I sat down at the lake yesterday and stared at the waves of Mama Atitlan it was one of these rare moments – a moment of deep presence.

A presence that we try to find in our meditations and yoga classes, in our singing and dancing, in our drumming and chanting…

A radical merging with the present moment. A radical melting into the here and now.

Radical, yes. Deep, yes. Intense, yes. But as well gentle…

There was no trying to… No wanting to… No needing to because otherwise I am a bad hippie …

A radical awareness of I AM HERE – free of all desires, needs and nagging thoughts.

A deep realization that THIS IS IT – this is what is real and everything else is just a story…

A story we tell ourselves about who we are and how life is…

Exciting stories. Adventurous stories. Love stories. Sad stories. Dramas. Comedies. Gore and terror and horror. True stories and lies…

In this moment of realization there was a sudden sadness creeping into my wide open, gentle and tender heart.

A deep sadness for all of humanity suffering just because of the stories they tell themselves and each other…

I let the tears flow freely.

And suddenly I couldn´t help but laughing out loud in the full realization of the absurdity of this suffering.

Where it is actually so EASY to feel full and abundant… Full of love… Full of spirit. Full of life

I am breathing in – I am aware I am breathing in.

I´m breathing out – I am aware that I breath out.

I allow myself to feel EVERYTHING there is right now

I give myself permission to FULLY BE THERE.

Just be there… Just sit… And be…

The easiest and the hardest thing to do!

Not meditating. Not visualizing. Not saying affirmations or chanting or using any other technique to distract yourself from just being there.

No doing.

You don´t even have to breath…

Life is breathing you. Love is breathing you. Spirit is breathing you.

Allow life to breath you. To move you. To excite and enchant you

Allow love to fill you. To enlighten you. To shine through you.

Allow spirit to guide you. To love you. To BE you!

All-that-is is all there is… And you are a part of this infinitely expanded multiverse.

Right here – in the middle of it all – as the center point of your own universe.

And at the same time so fundamentally insignificant… Just a story. A hallucination. A dream.

You are the dream and you are the dreamer.

I don´t know if these words get through to you. Yes, you… I am talking about you…

Are you here right now?

Fully present?

Fully aware of the mystery of your existence?

Of the wonder that you are and that your life is?

Don´t even try to understand…

Just breath in – and be aware that you are breathing in.

THIS is the only thing we have. THIS is the only thing that´s real!

This moment.

This heartbeat.

This breath.

All Love

Lucya Lalita


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