**** How to get by in paradise – My monthly costs, my diet and other useful stuff ****

**** How to get by in paradise My monthly costs, my diet and other useful stuff ****


This is my today’s market haul. All this for 60 quetzales which is roughly around 6.80 Euro and 7.50 Dollar.

My beautiful friend reached out to me asking how much living here costs me and how I get by.

She says its hard for her to imagine this life with a western mind. And seriously I do understand the question marks that come with the inability to imagine a life on a different continent.


That’s why I wanna be transparent not only with my emotions with you but as well with my money.


My new flat I rent here is around 250 $. And if I only buy my food from the market (which I mostly do and about once a week we go out for dinner) I pay around 150 $ for food a month.

Add 50-100 $ for some extras (which can get quite expensive due to import costs) and spices, oils, toiletries etc.

What you see on the picture serves me 3 mornings of breakfast and 2 evenings of dinner.


Sweetpotato mash with beetroot, basil and onion!!!! One of my favorites!

My diet changed tremendously since I am here. No bread anymore. Once a month pasta or rice (usually we make coliflower rice by shredding coliflower in a food processor). Sometimes some local cheese.

And otherwise just fresh fruit and veggies!

Due to practicing intermittent fasting (eating in an 8 hour window and giving 16 hours of rest to the digestive system) I only eat twice a day with maybe snacking a mango or a coconut in between.

Night life is almost not existent here but I still go occasionally to some conscious dance gatherings so add 30 – 50 $ for that.

Due to being self-employed it is hard to speak about my income.


And that’s the real tricky part. I am still figuring out how to make consistent income instead of spiked income (3000 in one month – nothing in the next 3 – luckily still I am good with that due to the low living expenses here).

I will start giving private sessions and workshops here soon and I am very curious how this will land here.

In the near future I hope to generate some passive income with online courses and guided audio practices as well.

I would say if you know how to create a consistent income around 750 – 1000 $ from your laptop business you are good to go living here.


I am no business coach but the digital nomad scene got you covered with loads of experts on how to earn money while traveling or staying abroad.

And of course there is always the possibility to do work exchange (www.workaway.info is my favorite platform for this) and live with other people if you don’t want to expat completely.

For me – at least for now – its clear: Goodbye Germany, Europe and the rest of the westernized world.

It will become quite uncomfortable there anyway – most likely quite soonish. And by that I dont mean the weather….

Which is of course another huge plus for living here. My Psyche just works way better when I am warm and in the sun every day.

Soon we will create a company for the school and I will be able to get a working visa here which is great.


But I as well know some people who are here for a few years already and get their visa by traveling to the border every 3 months to get a new stamp.

Enjoy figuring out the best and most exciting way for you to make money online and I see you soon in paradise!


All Love
Lucya Lalita


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