*** How to break your habitual sexuality as a couple ***

*** How to break your habitual sexuality as a couple ***

One of the symptoms of the standard sexuality most couples engage into is the linear way of arousal.

Cuddling, kissing, touching breasts, oral (when you are lucky), fingering, penetration…

At the beginning of a relationship most couples experiment a bit but very soon there are some routines and habits created.

“I know what she likes” or “I know how to turn him on” you might think – but this “knowing” is actually the beginning of the end of a sexually thriving couple.

The number one complain of most women are about missing connection.

The number one complain of most men is the amount of shared sexuality.

I am making a not too bold statement by saying: I see a link here…

This is mirrored in a quote I read a few weeks ago:

“Most women fake orgasm because most men fake foreplay…”

which links to another more well known quote:

“The path is the true destination”

So one way of breaking sexual routine is to take the destination completely out of the game – at least for some time.

To let go of intercourse may seem ridiculous at first – but it guarantees you one thing: You will get more creative with the other things you do.

When I started with Tantra in 2013 I was without intercourse for 1.5 years – and it was one of my most sexually thriving times ever!

Because there is no goal to reach we automatically get more creative with the journey – because: what else is there to do, hm?

Sexual therapists actually prescribe this “technique” to sexless couples to take the pressure off the physical engagement.

It for sure rekindles some excitement as the part of the brain that thrives on anticipation gets stimulated which is very arousing especially for most females.

Give it a shot for one or two weeks and see if it breaks your sexual routines.

Let me know if you try it out and how it affected you during and after the experiment

All Love
Lucya Lalita


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