*** How to approach a woman sexually (and make her beg for your C%&$) ***

**** How to approach a woman sexually (and make her beg for your C%&$) ****


It is normally not my style to give sex tips. Really, every woman is so different. Every man is so different. How could people believe that what works for one works for all?

But honestly – there are some principles that work for almost all men and/or almost all women and one is the principle of SERVICE.

When you approach a woman sexually make absolutely sure you do it from a place of service.

Believe me, she feels if you touch her because you want to give her pleasure or you want to give yourself pleasure. You know, like you want to pet the cat because the fur is so soft and you don´t care if the cat actually wants to be petted.

What does it mean to come from an inner place of sexual service?

A lot of men have the idea it means the woman should have her orgasm first.

Even though it is a honorable idea it clearly comes from the overvalue that men attach to orgasms.

So coming from a place of service starts MUCH much earlier. It starts from the moment you make contact.

Energetic contact. Even before starting to get physical.

Before you walk into a temple you put your shoes off.

Not only a woman´s vagina is her temple. But her whole body and her whole aura field is a temple, too.

Don´t trample into her field and then wonder why you are not well received or appreciated.

Make some effort to see and feel the divine power that flows through her whole being – and treat her as that representation of the divine feminine.

“What can I do for you right now?”, “What do you desire, my love?”, “What can I offer you?” are magical door opener questions when approaching a woman.

When she invites you into her field make sure that your touch is a blessing to her temple.

A touch that fills her up with goodness and pleasure.

Try out different touches.

Light and feathery touches to stimulate the nerves right under the skin.

Firm and strong touches with medium pressure that transmit a sense of safety.

See and watch all of her reactions and adjust your touch accordingly.

For the first 30 minutes to an hour: Ignore her pussy completely!

I know this is very counterintuitive for you, dear man, because you see a touch on your penis as an expression of love and appreciation. We women feel a touch on our pussy that comes too soon as invasive, greedy and pressuring.

If you want that your woman opens up to you, if you want that she trusts you fully and gives you her everything: Go with her pace!

You can go close to her vagina but do it with an energy of tease rather than an energy of greed.

You will feel it when she is ready. She will show it to you.

And when she is ready, please, don´t destroy it by speeding up the process. Tease and caress every part of her most intimate treasure. Honor it. Come from a place of reverence and playfulness.

Tease her entrance and make her WANT you to go inside. Make her want you so badly like she never wanted someone inside her, ever.

Be patient. Be present. Be of service. Come from a place of love and devotion.

Even when you prefer the dominant role – your dominance should be of service to her pleasure.

Only a woman that does not love herself wants to be mistreated. You should not use this lack of self love but on the contrary show her that she is amazing and lovable and a shining, radiant queen.

A woman who´s man is taking the time to open her welcomes him with openness, pleasure, passion, desire and gratitude.

This gratitude leads to her wanting to be of service to you, too.

Just in case you wonder why you should make the first move: Because a lot a lot a lot of men who came before you fucked it up. And you decide if you want to stand in line with them or make a difference in her life and bring healing, pleasure, service and devotion back into sexuality.

Most women I know desire to be ravished just as much as you desire to ravish her.

But they want to be uplifted and not degraded by it.

And if you are too horny to be that patient: Do both of you a favor and give yourself the first orgasm before you go to her.

Enjoy love, enjoy sex, enjoy yourself, enjoy each other!

With Love

Lucya Lalita


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