*** Growing into Leadership as a woman (Dalai Lama Quote) ***

*** Growing into Leadership as a woman ***

There is a huge desire in me to grow into leadership.

I feel it is the next step in my personal evolution.

And I see and feel I am not alone as a woman desiring to grow into my leadership.

My self-leadership as well as the ability of guiding others from a place of deep compassion and service.

I am starting a group facilitator training in September to learn how to hold a solid container for group development and how to deal with challenges that come up inevitably when we as a group go deep into our subconscious and our shadow.

It´s a training that a female coach does for only women.

I am excited about doing another in-depth training together with only women – just as my 1.5 year coaching certification program!

And I desire to create The Shakti Temple.

An all-women led co-working and co-living space where we can grow into our authentic, compassionate, heartfelt leadership together and support and inspire each other and the community around us here in San Marcos, Guatemala.

During winter there are hundreds of spiritual seekers and finders coming here

This quote of the Dalai Lama might not be “politically and gender correct”.

Especially in the spiritual bubble there are a lot of men awakening into their Yin aspect of compassion and peace and I appreciate this very much.

But often it comes with the price of these men loosing their edge if they lean too far into their Yin…

I personally resonate a lot with this quote

If you as a woman resonate with the idea of a co-working and co-living space please send me a personal message to talk details.

If you as a man reading this I wish for you to cultivate your heart qualities without loosing your masculine edge!

So here is the quote from the article:

“My generation is at a crossroads,” I said. “And I wonder what message you have for Gen Xers?”

“In the West, you have education. This is good. You have technology. This is good.

But you do not educate your people in values of the heart, of compassion.

This you must do,” the Dalai Lama said. “It does not matter whether you are Buddhist or Christian.

Compassion lives in the heart, beyond religion.

Even me, a Buddhist, can say that you do not need Buddhism.

All you need is the compassion of the heart.

Women know this because peace is implicit in women.

You put boys together, they make war. You put women together, they make peace.

Women are the leaders of the future.

And then he laughed.”

Let´s all strive for peace together – but men, make some space for the soft power of the women up there… We are coming!

All Love
Lucya Lalita


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