*** Dear Man, get rid of “either or” ***

**** Dear Man – Get rid of “either or” ****

What do these goddamn women want from you, hm?!

On the one hand they want a good man who treats them decent and with respect.

Who is a good husband
A good father
A fair boss
Who brings her flowers
And showers her with compliments
Who functions in society
Who does the dishes
Does not fart and burp
Who gives her space
But is always there when she needs him
Who drives the kids to school
And shares the commitments
Who always puts her needs first
Who communicates non-violent
Who is not needy nor greedy
And who definitely does NOT push her into sex when she doesn´t feel like it!!!!

On the other hand they want an alpha animal

One who has his shit together
Who is not to be messed with
Who ravishes her in the hallway before going out to dinner with friends and messes up her hair because he doesn´t care.
And who has a strong sense of purpose and direction
Who is dominant (but not too much and only at the right moment)
Who protects her (but without making a scene and kicking off a fight)
One who never gives in
And who has his own strong opinion
Who is wild and primal, hungry and uncivilized
And who definitely DOES make her want to have sex – just by giving her that striking look in the eye that makes her sink to her knees and open his jeans very willingly…

Dear man – you really don´t have it easy!

You have been conditioned by your parents and by society to be a good little boy

And by the media and porn to be a strong alpha male leader

Be sensitive – but don´t cry
Be gentle – but fuck her hard
Be nice – but stand your ground
Have good manners – but forget them once in a while

When you look at it like that it´s almost schizophrenic and virtually invites you to live a double life – one where you treat your wife and kids nicely and have an affair or go to a hooker to live out your wild side…

Or even worse – cut off one half of what you are completely and push it into the shadow of nonexistence – until you either explode or feel dead inside…

No, dear man – this cannot be the way to go…

So what is the way to go then?

It is called


And by integration I mean

getting rid of conditioning

reclaiming your primal nature
reclaiming your emotional, soft side

It depends which side got conditioned out of you

so that you can become a

F U L L    S P E C T R U M    H U M AN     B E I N G


One who brings her flowers AND ravishes her in the hallway

Want that? I got you covered with my Tantric Warrior Training coming out soon!


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