*** Creating The Shakti Temple, Guatemala ***

*** Creating The Shakti Temple, Guatemala ***

During my accident in Thailand I received the vision to gather my sisters here in Guatemala and create a Shakti Temple.

It started small so I was able to embrace and handle it. Since then it is continuously growing inside and out.

This is the latest “update” of the Shakti Temple vision – it´ a calling and it includes a few words to my brothers, too.

So please read it till the end – no matter the gender.

Thank you for embracing and holding this vision with me for the rEvolution of humanity

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The Shakti Temple, Guatemala – Reviving the Era of the Goddess Temples


Once upon a time there was an era of peace, abundance, freedom, cooperation, abundance and fertility.

It was the era of the great Goddess, worshiped by men and women alike, the mother of life and all creation.

The women held the spiritual power of their community as the sacred temple priestesses.

They led the rituals and ceremonies to give thanks for the abundance the mother of creation gifted to the tribe and to pray for her grace to shine on upon them.

Times have changed and only figurines of big breasted fertile goddesses and the memories that live in our hearts tell of these mostly forgotten times.

But as it is with all cycles and seasons – times are changing again.

The great Goddess is speaking to many hearts and souls of her daughters these days.

She is calling us to remember who we are. She is calling us to remember where we came from and why we incarnated into these turbulent times. She is calling us to step into our power!


A few weeks ago I called upon the great Goddess from a place of deep despair.

It was a deep prayer sent out from the bottom of my heart.

Please, mother, guide me. I cannot do it alone. I cannot do it from my ego. Make me your vessel and guide me into my true mission!

The answer came a few weeks later in form of an accident that bound me to my bed for two weeks.

During this time I received the vision of the Shakti Temple bit by bit.

At first just a very small version to make me familiar with the idea – and day by day it grew and grew. And it is still growing.

The mission is to create a space to gather my fellow sisters to revive the era of the Goddess Temples here at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

One of the most magical places and strongest energy vortexes on this planet!

It is time! And I know that many of you are receiving similar visions all over the world.

We will form a sacred grid around the world. A grid of connection, of healing, of sacred ceremony and it will come in many forms.


I am calling in my sisters for creating the Shakti Temple at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

I am calling in my sisters who are ready to grow into their own empowered leadership and who are willing to empower others to do the same.

I am calling in my sisters who are willing to go deep.

Who are ready to dive deep into their shadow to bring everything that needs healing to the light so it can transform on an individual and on the collective consciousness level.

I am calling in my sisters who are ready to heal the sister wound of fear, competition and betrayal move forward into a new era of cooperation, support and togetherness.

I am calling in my sisters who are ready to offer their individual gifts in service of the community and the evolution of human consciousness.

It is time now, priestess! Time to remember who you are! Time to stop hiding and playing small. Time to stop trying to heal the world by yourself!

We need to gather and align our energies and powers!


1. As a part of the core group

a group of 5-10 keepers of the temple. This size allows us to always be present and have space in the year to travel as we desire to do so. To visit and support other Shakti Temples as they arise or to take our presence and gifts around the world.

2. As a traveling and visiting member

for a minimum of one month to dive deep into the healing and transformational power of our community.

3. As a workshop or retreat facilitator

to enrich the space with your aligned offering in the area of women´s empowerment, Tantra, healing and spiritual evolution.

4. As a supporter

who contributes to the realization financially or with their skills and talents (web design, social media and other things needed)


This is a space to dive deep into your own and the collective shadow.

Yes, we celebrate. Yes, we are here to bring our love and our light to the collective. AND we need to face our shadows and do the deep work to build a solid and stable foundation for the turbulent times of cataclysmic changes ahead of us!

I invite and empower you to be both strong, fierce, wild AND vulnerable, kind, loving, forgiving and gentle.

So, my beloved. If this rings a bell in your soul I invite you to reach out to me and explore possibilities!



You, who are reading this! I see you! I hear you! I honor you! I respect you! I love you!

You do carry the light of the great Goddess within you! You are welcome in this space and we need you!

We cannot and we will not do it without you!

We need your qualities of the divine masculine!

We need to come together to heal the distrust, the fear, the wounding, that has brought us into the situation we are in now!

We need to come together in sacred union and to turn the fear into trust, the disappointment into forgiveness, the wounding into healing and the co-dependence into mutual support and empowerment!

So that our relationships may be free of lack and full of abundance and thriving passion and electricity!

I want you to know that men who are doing the inner work are the strongest of the strong and the bravest of the brave!

I honor you for the courage it takes to allow yourself to feel, to face your darkness, to be vulnerable and to open your heart!

At the same time I encourage and empower you to embrace your divine masculine qualities.

To embrace your power, your strength, your aggression and your sexuality in service of your own evolution, the divine feminine and the collective consciousness!


We invite you as brothers, as friends, as lovers, as supporters and as the warriors of light that you are!

And we encourage you to gather in brotherhood.

To heal the divine masculine amongst your own gender.

To hold, love and support each other so that we can come together in sacred union – free of the burden of playing mommy and daddy for each other.


The main energy is held by the women and you are welcome here as your energy is an important part of this space!

So let´s do this!

All Love
Lucya Lalita


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