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Casa Corazon Guatemala ~ Learning about Love and Life

Casa Corazon is an intentional community where we practice mindful and heart based living, conscious relating, radical honesty and radical compassion.

We all desire stable, deep and loving relationships with our friends, families and especially with our romantic partners. Yet there is so much pain, fear, trauma and suffering around the topics of love, intimacy and relationships.

We as humans are fundamentally social and tribal beings. The need and desire to belong and to be safe in a group runs deep in our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits.

In the recent centuries the perceived and evident separation in families and society has increased dramatically and caused deep individual and collective wounding around safety and belonging.

At Casa Corazon we come together to create a safe playground for exploring the depth, the shadows and the light of conscious relating on the heart, mind, body and spirit level. 

In formal workshop spaces and informal get togethers we talk, feel and experience the beauty and healing that happens when true intimacy is created.

We are co-creating a space full of love, awareness, openness and compassion in which we can fully open up and be vulnerable and real with each other.

Authenticity and vulnerability are the keys to deeply fulfilling human connections.

To ensure a safe space for all participants we emphasize and educate extensively around self-awareness, consent and boundaries and we stay fully dressed at all times.  

About us and our values

Casa Corazon is a private space run by Lucya Lalita, Radical Intimacy Coach and Tantra Teacher, and Dylan Bauer, philosopher, writer, awakened lover of life and caretaker of the human spirit.

We welcome like-minded, adventurous and aware beings who desire to join us occasionally or longer term as visitors, friends, participants and co-creators to explore the gold and the pitfalls on the path to authentic relating.

We value communication, compassion and the willingness to constantly grow and expand above all else.

And we agree that on top of these deep qualities we need a big portion of joy, laughter and humor. Constantly coming back to lightness and joy is as important as diving deep into our vulnerability and shadows.

We are thrilled to connect with you!

You’ll find us at our beautiful house at the waterfront of Lake Atitlan opposite Keith’s Cacao.

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