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Body and Soul Liberation Technique

The Body and Soul Liberation Technique is a combined bodywork and energy healing process I developed over the last 5 years after studying various contemporary and ancient bodywork and energy healing methods.

This technique is designed to help you process and release blockages, shocks and traumas that have been stored in your muscle tissue and over years and decades led to pain, inflexibility and stuckness in both your physical and your emotional body.

It is a co-creative process between me and you. Instead of being a passive receiver only you are invited to actively taking part in the process by releasing what your system is ready to let go of through breath, sound, movement and purging.

1. Preliminary talk

We start the process with setting the container by examining the topic or part of the body you want to work on. It can be either an emotional or a physical issue. It can be as well a part in your live you feel stuck in, like finding your purpose or finding a partner. We can work with any and all topics and some clients even decide they don´t want to set the container by defining a topic but prefer an open process.

2. Scanning and Screening

After the initial conversation the session starts by me scanning your system. This is a process which is as much intuitive as it is based on years of experience. I physically scan your back, your shoulders and your front and energetically screen your aura, your energy bodies and your chakras.

In 98 % of the cases the work stays within the area of the 7 main Chakras and the arms. The other 2 % include working on the legs and/or the feet as well. The scanning is done seated with you turning your back towards me.

3. Clearing and releasing stuck energy from your system

The scanning process leads to the actual treatment in the moment I found a place where I am guided to work on. In this stage the session is very diverse and uses different techniques like gently or strongly pressing trigger points, shaking, sound healing, energetic extraction and stretching. Often I receive background information about the underlying issues, traumas or blockages I will then share with you.

The releasing process is a co-creative process where I help you release stuck energy via my system by breathing, sounding, movement or even purging (like coughing or spitting things out) and invite you to actively release as well.

As said before, the process can be very light and gentle, like an experience where the stuck energy flows out of you effortlessly. Or it can be very strong and intense, like screaming, crying, shaking and purging. How the process unfolds says nothing about the effect of the session. It mostly is just a matter of what type you are and how you and your higher self like to process and release stuck energy.

4. Filling you back up with fresh and healing energy

After the process of releasing is complete, which will take roughly between 20 and 40 minutes, I fill the opened parts of your system that have released stuck energy with what originally belongs there. This is nothing I or you decide from our minds. In this part I am an access channel for your higher self to send through me what you need.

This process is very important so that the freed spaces do not fill up again with what they know already but with energies that support your transformational process in the next days, weeks and years.

This part of the process takes roughly about 10-20 minutes and is usually experienced as a very relaxing integration.

5. Resting

To integrate the whole process I will let you rest about 5-10 minutes in your own energy to integrate and fully come back to yourself. In this time I sort out all the energy that has been exchanged between us. I give you back what belongs to you and I take back what is mine. This process is supported by the violet flame of clearing and transformation so that the energy that comes back to us is all shiny and squeaky clean!

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