*** About witches in darkness and light ***

*** About witches in darkness and light ***

One thing is for sure – I am a witch.

Sometimes I am just not sure if I am a good one or an evil one.

I know I am not consequently bad – but I am not consequently good either…

With all the intrusive thoughts running to my mind – all the feelings of world domination, superiority, jealousy, distrust and even the desire for revenge still being somewhat active in my system…

I wish I am, will be, someday, only good. Only filled with what I am consciously standing for.

Fully liberated from the darkness that I am still processing on a daily basis.

One day this will be over. And I will be fully in the light. Like the world will be fully in the light.

I KNOW it will happen! I know it in my bones.

Until then I will continue letting the collective darkness run through the veins of my emotional, my energetic and my physical body.

To help freeing the world of its anxiety.

I am glad its not that bad anymore. Since I do it consciously and started to to de-associate myself from my thoughts and my emotions.

I am not my thoughts. I am not my emotions. I am the dreamer and the dream. The witness of my own inner chaos.

I am so SO much more than I can grasp with my 3-dimensional brain.

I am a witch.

I possess powers and I am possessed by powers.

How could I not if all there is is me and all I am is all that is…

The possessor and the possessed. The predator and the prey. The beauty and the beast.

I am a witch – and gotta accept it – live with it – embrace it – wrap my heart around the facts that I see and feel in my being.

I am Lalita – and I am Kali.

And so are you!

Stop pretending you are this stupid, little, unable, powerless, confused little whatever that does not know shit.

You are a witch!

And you know what?!

THE WITCHES ARE BACK! And we are sexier than ever!

More powerful than ever!

More capable than ever!

World beware!


All Love

Lucya Lalita


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