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About Lucya and about Lalita

Who am I and if so, how many?

Professionally I am: a Spirit Sex Rebel, a Source of Inspiration, a Tantric Life,- Sex- and Relationship Coach as well as a Tantra and Embodiment Teacher.

Personally I am: part-time hippie, part-time hedonist, an open-minded and unconventional visionary, a change maker and a soap bubble and cat lover.

Generally I am: consciousness experiencing itself in a human form, quite hard to put into boxes and very thrilled to be part of this amazing transition of human consciousness into a new paradigm of freedom, love and ecstasy.

How I became what I am now?

My path took me to the brink of human abyss and beyond in my earliest childhood through emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Through these traumatizing experiences I have spent my childhood and adolescence in a state of inner division, mistrust and struggle against myself and my fellow human beings. At the same these experiences gave me the chance to recreate myself in a way that I never thought possible and it was my initiation into my path as a healer and spiritual medium.

How the story continues…

About Lalita

In the world of Tantra, Lalita is the goddess of creation (Shakti) in her aspect of lightness and joy. She is the personified alternative to enlightenment through asceticism.

Lalita teaches us the joy of life, of beauty and of creation. Praising the creation is praising the creator itself! She sharpens our sensitivity and our ability to enjoy life with all our senses.

In my life and in my work Lalita stands for the following qualities which form the guidelines for my work and all of my actions

L  = Love – Love is the first principle and the foundation of everything

A = Awareness – for myself and all living beings around me

L = Lightness – and joy instead of stubbornness and rigidity

I = Intimacy / Intuition – allow true closeness without loosing contact to myself / being guided by my higher self

T = Transcendence / Transformation – recognizing the true nature behind the ever-changing forms /  constantly upleveling through new experiences

A = Authenticity – Staying true to myself in word and deed