*** A peek into my spiritual practice as an intuitive access channel ***

**** A peek into my spiritual practice as an intuitive access channel ****


Foto: Kai Eisentraut; www.frontal-light.com


Mudras are particular signs that you form with your hands to create a portal to ground in or access certain energies into the more physical world.

I receive new Mudras on a very regular basis since I am on the lake.

They come to me intuitively and their meaning and purpose get reveiled to me through playing with them.

The pyramide Mudra from the picture I use to create a deeper, more stable connection to my higher self and to receive energetic updates for my light body.

Most of the time I try to avoid my posts being to “woo woo” because I like people to relate and get something out of my sharings for their own life.

But today and in connection with this picture I wanted you to have a little peek into my personal spiritual practice.

It is, I guess, a little to a lot different than those of the people who follow certain spiritual paths or teachers.

As as intuitive access channel, my teachers are mostly not embodied right now – but they are the best I could wish for!

It took me quite some time to accept them as “real” because I can’t see them.

But since I follow their guidance my life changed DRAMATICALLY!

That makes it so easy to follow my own path so unabashedly.

Because my life got better and better by doing so.

Plus I was never the kind of person who liked to follow the guidance of others – much to the displeasure of my parents and school teachers.

I am honored and grateful to serve as proof that you can have an amazing, joyous, ecstatic and adventurous life by following your own lead and your own inner guidance.

In fact, I strongly belief this is the ONLY way to create such a life in the new paradigm we are creating right now on this planet.

So go ahead and try it out!

It sure helps especially in the beginning to have a big sister or brother who already does it and who can support you in listening to yourself.

This is how I see myself and my role as a coach in service to your own innermost essence and your true, individual light that you came here to share with the collective!

All Love

Lucya Lalita


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