*** A letter to my future love and life partner ***

*** A letter to my future love and life partner ***

My dear, I know you are out there somewhere – and I know we are both doing the work that is needed for us to meet each other exactly at the time we have agreed upon.

Exactly at the time where we both feel that we don’t need each other anymore.

Because only then we are fully able to choose each other – out of passion and pleasure and joy of creating together and building our empire on a solid foundation of self-love, stability, confidence and vulnerability.

Only then will we be able to open our hearts and our arms to each other and each others others.

Only then are we able to embrace our differences as enrichments rather than threatening obstacles.

Only then will we be able to share, learn from and teach each other and the other manifestations of the one being we know we all are a part of.

Only then have we embraced our tears, weaknesses, flaws and vulnerabilities as a gateway to deeper intimacy which carries us through the adventures of our time together.

Tonight – surrounded by my family – I am reaching out to your soul to let you know I remember.

I remember our divine appointment and I remember the challenges I have to master to ready myself for succeeding by your side.

When I don’t run away from myself anymore there is no need to run away from you. There is no need to run away from anyone. Because I know who I am and I know what I am is what I need to be to fulfill my part of our mission.

I don’t want to and I dont’t need to and I can’t do it all alone…

Even and especially as a manifestor and a new paradigm leader I need you! You and the others…

Not for my egoic needs to be fulfilled but for co-creating the world we all came here to build on the ruins of the smashed patriarchal system!

Thank you thank you thank you for doing the work!

Thank you for readying yourself for our time together.

Thank you for teaching me and thank you for opening yourself up to my teachings.

Thank you for having mastered and refined your skills so we can co-facilitate our retreats all over the globe.

Thank you for having healed your heart to a degree where it is possible for you to love me for who I am and support my freedom and my individuality instead of caging my magic in the golden cage of your arms.

Thank you for being strong and soft enough to embrace the people my soul considers important for my well-being and my growth.

Thank you for being kinky enough to satisfy my wild side and Tantric enough to satisfy my spirit.

Gosh, my love, I thank you so for being you and being ready and being open and being confident enough to not wanting to tame me but run through the wilderness of life at my side!

I am not lying to you, my heart. There is still work to do when we meet.

There are still layers unhealed. That’s part of our agreement of growing together.

Maybe there is shit to work through forever in some way – maybe not… Let’s find out…

So, for now my dear I am sending my blessings to the sky – knowing that you are wandering under the same stars.

I will not wait for you and I don’t want you to wait for me – even if my little ego would really enjoy that…

But please, enjoy your life and gather your experiences so we can meet on eye-level. I am giving wholehearted thanks to each and every single one of my sisters you share your time and practice with.

Only then can we love the shit out of each other and drive each other nuts with our pleasure skills!

Good night, my heart, or good morning – wherever you may roam.

Know that I love you and know that I am doing the work – just as you do.

Cheers to you with my cacao – I am really really looking forward to reuniting with you.

So long – and please don’t wait for me…


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