*** A happy couple is made of two happy individuals ***

*** A happy couple is made of two happy individuals ***

A healthy relationship starts on the inside of each partner.

This is an aspect that often gets forgotten when the relationship gets rocky.

When our own life is unfulfilling and dissatisfying we bring this inner dissatisfaction into the relationship and expect the other person to make it alright again.

The couple gets lost in the question how can WE be more happy together.

What if instead of debating and discussing and often fighting about what WE can do – each individual would retreat into their own inner space and take stock of how they feel about their own life?

What if we would clearly face our own inner lack and longing instead of projecting it onto the relationship?

If we as individuals are truly resting in the goodness of our own individual reality there is not much room for complaining.

If we are deeply fulfilled and nourished we have a much easier time letting the other be who they are, do what they want and find fulfillment through their own individual life.

Instead of getting lost in the WE we acknowledge that we are still individuals and that the relationship is its own separate entity.

So we start on the inside, find the things that nourish us and THEN we come together and see how we want to share the goodness that is our individual life with each other.

How do we wanna spend this precious time?

How do we want to interact and communicate?

How can we contribute to the other partners well-being?

When the relationship becomes the only source of nourishment it is clear that the huge expectations – may they be conscious or unconscious – become a burden on the relationship.

Just as if we would have only one friend who is solely responsible for our well-being…

The same goes for our sexuality.

If the relationship is the only container for sexual goodness it becomes loaded with expectations.

So it is vital and crucial for a couples sexuality that both partners have a personal sexual self-care practice in place.

This may or may not include seeing other people.

But what it definitely includes is a sacred sexual “me time”.

A huge misconception about Tantra is that one needs a partner for practicing Tantra.

Let me tell you from my 7 years of practicing Tantra now – only 5-10 % of it happens in the realm of sexuality with another person.

80 % happens in direct contact with life itself – when I am around people or when I am alone.

The other 10-15% are spent in direct and explicit practice like breathwork, meditation, dance, chanting, energy work or sacred sexual self-pleasure rituals.

These sacred sexual self pleasure practices are the fuel of my everyday life as sexual energy is equal to life force energy.

So I am deeply convinced EVERYBODY should have them in place! No matter of single or coupled.

These practices teach us how to fill ourselves up with goodness and how to utilize our sexual energy as fuel for our everyday life and our manifestations.

We are getting to know our own bodies and ourselves, our desires and what feels good to us. And we can take this knowledge and bring it into the couples sexuality.

Because I so want every single person on this planet to have such a sacred self-pleasure routine I decided to take the practices I normally only share with my high paying 1:1 coaching clients and make them available as a self-study course.

Over the course of 5 weeks you learn everything you need to know about the essentials of Tantra for individuals.

Each module contains of a guided audio practice and a guided audio meditation so you can just follow along and let my voice guide you through the exercises instead of following complicated written instructions.

The practices teach you in an embodied, experiential and easy to understand way

~ How to create and connect to an empowered, sensual, luscious, strong and ____ (fill in the blanks because you yourself get to design the personality you want to play out in your life) identity.

~ How to go beyond your identity and experience the blissful state of infinite divine potential in the here and now.

~ How to activate your energy body and open the inner gateways for pleasure and earth shattering full body orgasms.

~ How to use the 4 main components of conscious sexuality in your own body AND in your own everyday life.

~ How to invite divinity and sacredness into your sexual exploration.

~ How to experience the capacity for vibrant sexuality in every single part and every single cell of your body.

~ How to use your sexuality and sexual energy as fuel for your life.

~ How to start every day with the right mindset to set the tone for your life being a huge, fulfilling, sensual adventure playground.~ How to use your sexual energy to help you manifest anything you want in the most delicious, lit up and sensually activated way possible.

For a healthy couples sexuality it is vital that we open our own bodies and selves up to experience a greater capacity of feeling the vibrant sexual life force energy flooding our system.

Best if we both take responsibility for this!

And if we are single we are the main source of our own pleasure and it is vital for our well-being and inner radiance that we learn how to properly use (not control) our sexuality and our sexual energy to benefit our life.

After the test run was amazingly successful and the audios are uploaded on the course website since yesterday (*yaaaay* ) I am about to properly launch the course in a few days.

I am excited to bring the Tantra Essentials Online Course into the hands, hearts bodies and lives of many many people for the benefit of their own lives and their relationships!

All Love – as always – and I mean it every time I write it – as love is the glue that keeps this world together!

Lucya Lalita


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